best wellness brands 2018

Wellness fever has swept the nation over the last few years. Here are the best wellness brands keeping the heat alive. 

On the bright side, our moms are calling us with Qs about their new adaptogen routines and our boyfriends are drinking bone broth daily.  On the dark side, perennially healthy foods like kale have come and gone out of style as though they were handbag styles.

We’re still fascinated with wellness (obviously!) and just won’t quit. Among the more hardcore health and healing topics we’re feeling for 2018, here are the brands that keep us vibing for health on a level we once reserved for just fashion and dinner reservations.

In no particular order, browse through all 21 items in our January Shop to see who made our short list of sexy, effective, well-designed clean brands keeping us inspired through this very resolution-filled season.

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