2018 promises to be a transformative year. Yes, there may be political turmoil, economic upheaval, and ecological issues aplenty, but – gosh darn it – there will also be mushroom lattes, brain-boosting supplements and bowls like this stunner from Honey Hi  here in L.A. Here are the best 2018 wellness trends coming down the pike…

The return of the supplement.
The year of the pill popper. 

In the world of clean eating, especially with women, things have taken a very “food as medicine” turn over the last decade. This year, we predict a surge of interest back toward full force supplement regimens that has only just begun in 2017. From Chinese medicine to Ayurveda, supplement subscriptions to nootropics, here’s what we’re looking forward to more of this year…
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Super Brain.
This is your brain on wellness. 

When Dr. Amen first began scanning brains and reporting changes based on drugs, diet, therapy and other carefully measured adjustments decades ago, he was considered a bit of a nut – or at least an outlier – by the conventional medical community. Fast forward to today and Dr Amen’s work with thousands of brain scans has produced some of the most important wellness findings of the 2000’s so far. Not only that, Dr. Amen’s findings in brain health have inspired some of the most interesting work we see happening with biohacking, including Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof brand. Think the health of your brain and it’s susceptibility to disease is completely out of your hands? Think again…
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Anti-Aging + Longevity
This is the new 40. And the new 80. 

Anti-aging isn’t just about skincare anymore — or jogging daily! Anti-aging today is all about “longevity”: hacking our health into prime form well into our “old” age. With statistics pointing toward longer and longer lifespans, we’re all learning to see old age in a new light. Expect mindsets, health protocols and technologies to change when it comes to approaching the golden years. Gen X and Boomers both are showing a renewed vigor in managing the health of aging better. Millenials have a heightened opportunity to manage their young years wisely and prevent some of the worst maladies of old age.
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Breathwork + stress management
Stress ain’t cute in 2018. Breathwork is our #1 tool to deal with it better. 

We’ve discussed breathwork on the site and Facebook dozens of times and have hosted classes devoted to it’s practice all year, but – as we’ve learned – it take a few years for this kind of unfamiliar practice to make it’s way down into widespread acceptance. Look for an increase in public interest, more books and articles, and more endorsements by health authorities coming out in support of this vital practice helping us thrive more deeply in a culture of stress.
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more flexitarianism
One size won’t fit. 
While many of us need programs to make fitness and diet goals work, the days of a ‘one size fits all’ plan across the wellness world is completely gone. Sure, many of us have gone rabid over the health benefits of fats, just as we accuse our mothers of doing with carbs in the 90’s, but – generally speaking – across the board there is more room than ever before to find a wellness philosophy that works for you — and abide by it, even when shopping or out at restaurants.
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Super Immunity
Every. Damn. Day.

We were happy to see that mushrooms finally hit the Whole Food’s trend report for the first time this year, a sure sign that holistic tools for immunity are entering the public consciousness. Generally speaking, our culture’s “there’s a pill for that” attitude, toward immunity especially, is shifting. Keeping our bodies vibrant and strong is a daily task that can’t be neglected. And it turns out the keys to keeping ourselves strong are delicious parts of daily living we’re happy to embrace.
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What are you excited about for 2018? Want to see our favorite themes of 2017? Read up on that here. 

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