Something To See: Top Tips for Beautiful, Healthy Eyes

When you think of gorgeous eyes, what is it that you envision? What clarity do you wish to see with your ‘peepers’? Better still, what is it you want everyone else to see in yours? Some people’s eyes ‘laugh’, they say. Some ‘dance’. Some are even ‘green with envy’! Oh, now we’re really talking. Our eyes truly radiate the beauty inside of us, and they also take in what beauty is around us. Do you agree?

Eyes are beautiful and we want them to shine! Here’s a few basic tips for making sure you’re eyes stay bright and shining your whole life through.

Nutrition – eye foods: Spinach is number one on the list for macular degeneration. Carrots, avocados, kale, broccoli, eggs, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and garlic are also great. Plus, there are many more! A glass of fresh vegetable juice including greens and carrots will work wonders to preserve eye health and keep them looking clear and bright at the same time.

 Nutrition is the most important thing to tick on the list when it comes to beauty! It’s amazing how much more beautiful and awake, young and bright my eyes are when I eat a lot of raw foods which are vibrant in colour, texture and flavor – not to mention when I supplement my diet with superfoods. I believe in it passionately! I can’t look good on my next ‘beauty shoot’ (lots of close-up cameras!) if I’m not feeding my eyes from within. You are what you eat! How amazing is it that carrots have the circles inside which look like the human iris? Nature is so wise.

Eye strengtheners: Sunlight works wonders – some have even cured their eyes of many ailments using sunlight therapy along with proper diet & rest!- as does yoga (some poses encourage strong healthy eyes) and eye exercises such as looking up, down, across and around. Sleep and adequate rest are vital to restoring the eyes each day!  Nutritional supplements such as Vitamin C, E, selenium, gluthathione, bioflavonoids and  carotenoids are good additions, along with herbs such as bilberry, ginko and eyebright, which are excellent to strengthen the eyes.

Things to avoid: Smoking, trans & saturated fats, processed foods such as white flour products & sugars, preservatives, flavorings, chemicals in beauty products, high GI foods and computer screens should all be avoided when possible. Bright lights, such as camera flashings in the dark, are also harmful.

On the other extreme, I’m just not sure how I feel about the long term use of sunglasses! I feel that we are becoming more mole-like every day. We live indoors mostly, then when we do get outside and we cover our eyes! Could this contribute to weaker eyes in generations to come? I wonder.

Eye beauty treatments: I don’t like many things that come in bottles, but I do like the thought of cucumbers placed over my eyes! Eye masks such as avocado and goat’s milk are lovely refreshers (I do this before shoots!) and serve to moisten your eyes. Use a little Jojoba oil, then place a cool eye cloth over the eyes (dampen a facecloth & freeze for 30mins) while taking a delicious warm bath. Add eye strengthening essential oils such as lavender, cypress, frankincense, lemongrass.

Remember, your eyes tell the world a lot about yourself. Go forth with confidence, always look people in the eye & smile! You’re so worth it 😉

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” – Audrey Hepburn

Love, Abigail

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