From stale coffee to vending machines, donut boxes to ramen noodle cups, the vibe in most office-place lunch rooms is less than aspirational.

We’re taking on your office kitchen woes with this list of tools and foods that will totally transform your eating habits in the office. Every snack listed is officially Chalkboard approved – it’s likely someone on our team is eating something from this list as you read this. Here are healthy ideas for the office kitchen that keep our own team happy, healthy and out of the donut box…

Chic + Easy

SOMA WATER FILTER |Let’s start as basic as we can. If there you need more than anything during the day it’s plenty of hydration. And to ensure that your water quality is top notch.

The gorgeous Soma water filter has been featuring on The Chalkboard more times than we can count. It’s chic, convenient, BPA free and helps to rid your tap of chlorine and other chemicals.


Raw On Demand

GOODBITES OFFICE BOX |Goodbites raw chocolate truffles, dehydrated crackers and other natural wonders are our version of dream food. You’ve likely seen the little chocolate truffles in health food stores, but did you know you could subscribe and receive healthy raw snacks right to your mailbox? Office snack game-changer.

Goodbites’ Office Box is a dream come true for afternoons in the office: name a craving and this box holds a delicious solution. Mostly raw and vegan,  our favorites include the goji truffles, macaroons, date cookies and dehydrated crackers. Consider subscribing as a team!

Blender heads

NUTRIBULLET BLENDER | Keeping a small blender in the office kitchen will change your life. In the morning, we’re making Bulletproof Coffee (see below!), in the afternoon smoothies, protein shakes or soups. This one little piece of equipment can do more to healthify your office eating habits than anything else!



BULLETPROOF STARTER KIT |Office fridge full of questionable creamers, drawers full of sugar packets? We’re all about the Bulletproof Coffee trend and this starter kit is a one-stop shop. Take note as your team feels energized and focused longer without the buzz or crash. Learn all about the phenomenon here and here.



JAPANESE RICE CRACKERS |Always in our stash? Gluten-free Japanese rice crackers! Toss the overly processed chips and go with these spicy or salty or nutty (your choice!) crackers instead when you’ve got salty cravings. Pair with guacamole or hummus and your snack game is on strong.


pump you up

SUN WARRIOR PROTEIN POWDER |We’re ditching anything less than natural and fueling our smoothies with this delicious plant-based vanilla protein blend by Sun Warrior. It’s vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, with no added sugar, wheat, or yeast, and contains a mix of pea protein, brown rice protein, chia seeds, quinoa and amaranth. No matter if you are raw, vegan or a hardcore meat eater, this stuff keeps us energized and focused in office without any artificial additives.



LARA BARS | Another absolutely essential desk stasher – the Lara bar. They almost seem like candy bars, are packed with dense nutrition from dates, nuts, you name it – and there’s a flavor for every afternoon craving: lemon, carrot cake, chocolate, lime, coffee…. Stash a variety in your desk drawer and you’ll never go in on the stale dessert in the office kitchen again – unless it’s cake.


coocoo for cocoa

CACAO POWDER | Afternoon lull, anyone? Intense cookie cravings? Get rich, decadent chocolate flavor (and some potent antioxidants) with a couple tablespoons of Sun Potion’s raw cacao powder. Warm in almond milk for a good ol’ cup of the healthiest hot chocolate ever. Skip the second cup of coffee!


pop and lock

HOT AIR POPPER | The scent of popcorn popping will revolutionize your afternoon meeting. Make healthy popcorn without the microwave, oil, butter or additives and your entire office will be addicted. Grab your favorite non-GMO kernels and make a bag or bowl for everyone. Quick, rich in fiber, and a total crowd-pleaser.


short cuts

LITTLE LADS POPCORN | If an air popper isn’t your thing. There are great, healthy brands of popcorn you can stash in the kitchen too. We’re obsessed with this small producer, Little Lads, whose fresh, GMO-free corn is mixed with healthy, delicious herbs, nutritional yeast and sea salt. The B vitamins in nutritional yeast helps the body digest all those carbs and starches from the popcorn! Genius.


Easy beiING green

FOOD MATTERS GREEN POWDER | This is one of the yummiest green powders around and, if you’ve never given green powder a try, you’ve got to take the leap. We drink a green juice a day, but this powder is always at the ready for an intense boost of minerals and vitamins – mix with almond milk, throw in a smoothie, mix into your soup or shoot in a little water for energy and vitality.


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