One of the best feelings is in the world is being able to turn what you love into a career (we know from experience!). Yogis Kyle Miller and Sian Gordon are infusing their passion for yoga into their own community by opening the doors to their very own studio.

Love Yoga, L.A’s newest hub for getting down-dog, is nestled in the heart of Venice Beach, where the yoga vibes run deep. Opening a studio together seemed like a meant-to-be move for Kyle and Sian, who have taught classes and owned an NYC yoga studio (respectively) for years now. Eager to create an uber-cool space filled with smart, accessible teachers, they’re launching a brand that all boils down to one thing – love.

Love Yoga opens it’s doors later this month and, in the meantime, we’re getting to know these trail-blazing yogis through our series, Yoga Matters


Kyle Miller & Sian Gordon

What originally drew me to yoga:

Kyle: Physical benefits.
Sian: I started going to yoga with my parents when I was a kid. It didn’t take long until I was addicted.

Biggest inspiration:

Kyle: Nevine Michaan and Christy Turlington.
Sian: Anyone who has devoted their life to helping other people.

When I'm not on the mat, I’m...

Kyle: Hanging with my friends, face masking, walking my dog and basking in the sun’s rays.
Sian: I’m surfing or hiking with my dog.

Favorite pose:

Kyle: Virasana.
Sian: Compass.

I wish that more people realized that yoga…

Kyle: Can completely transform your world view and how you see yourself.
Sian: Is really a breath practice not necessarily a physical one.

Project or cause I am most passionate about:

Kyle: Every Mother Counts and UNICEF Next Gen.
Sian: Doctors without Borders. They are my heroes.

Biggest lesson yoga has taught me:

Kyle: That suffering is universal.
Sian: That everything and everyone is connected. When you’re practicing a lot, you start to feel that very deeply.

Biggest lesson I hope to teach through yoga:

Kyle: Be kind!
Sian: To be in your body. To feel how alive the body is.

Most rewarding yoga-related experience:

Kyle: I think opening the doors to our studio and teaching my first class in the space we have been creating will be my most rewarding moment!! So excited!
Sian: Opening my studios and building a community that I love.

5 things on my Bucket List:

Kyle: Live in Malibu. Go to Ireland with all my girlfriends. Watch my dog surf. Grow my own vegetables. Visit spas all over the world and check out the bathing rituals of different cultures.
Sian: Learn Italian and live in Italy. Adopt a child. Teach yoga on every continent. Grow a garden. Surf in Zanzibar.

Advice I would give my 16 year-old self:

Kyle: Don’t be insecure.
Sian: Don’t worry about any of the things you’re worried about. Study harder.

Personal mantra:

Kyle: My 2015 mantra is “open, loving, giving.” I’m also into “God’s never wrong” right now.
Sian: There’s this Barbara Streisand quote that I think about a lot. She said “Although you long to be saved, you have to learn to save yourself.”

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