Ever since its grand opening this summer, we’ve been obsessed with Wanderlust Hollywood. This all-inclusive wellness center slays when it comes to health on a holistic level, from its superfoodie-friendly cafe to its inspirational speakeasy lectures to its guided meditations. But the thing we love most about Wanderlust space (started by the founders of the festival of the same name) is its diverse, progressive yoga class lineup. From traditional Vinyasa to their signature SoulScape and The Fixx classes, each 45-90 minute flow is our perfect combo of soul-awakening experience and supercharged sweat sesh.

This soul-stirring approach to yoga is spearheaded by Chad Dennis, Wanderlust Hollywood’s director of yoga. As the yoga instructor to musicians such as Maroon 5 (he was on tour with them for over eight years!), Chad knows the power of music when it comes to movement. His classes at Wanderlust Hollywood pay close attention to alignment and detail, marrying rhythm and music to a creative, progressive sequencing while keeping the focus on each practitioner as an individual. There is no right or wrong way to experience the kind of yoga that Chad and his Wanderlust teachers offer – whether you’re an experienced yogi or completely new to downward dogs, if it awakens something in your soul, you’re on the right track. From the biggest lessons he hopes to teach to living yoga off the mat (one word: family), Chad’s refreshing perspective on “the practice” of yoga is exactly why we love him…


Chad Dennis


Director of Wanderlust Hollywood.

What originally drew me to yoga:

I really loved the balance between the physical and the mental: It’s moving meditation and psychotherapy rolled into one.

Biggest inspiration:

My guru/three-year-old son, Maxson Roux. What happens inside the studio is the practice of yoga. What happens with my son is the application of yoga.

When I'm not on the mat, I’m:

Studying, studying, studying and spending time with my wife and son.

Favorite pose:

Right now I’m really into my meditation practice, so I would have to say any comfortable seated position.

I wish that more people realized that yoga...

Isn’t about doing crazy physical poses. It’s really about the relationship that you have with your self (physically and emotionally) while you’re practicing (1.5 hrs a day) and, more importantly, when you’re not practicing (22.5 hrs a day).

Project or cause I am most passionate about:

Boys of Yoga. There are a tremendous number of male yoga teachers who are positive role models, inspirational human beings and devoted husbands and fathers, whose work and impact has been overshadowed by the deeds of a small few.

Biggest lesson yoga has taught me:

The art of letting go.

Biggest lesson I hope to teach through yoga:

The art of letting go.

Most rewarding yoga-related experience:

Teaching yoga for free to at-risk youth in L.A., kids who may never have had access to it… and watching it change their lives.

5 things on my Bucket List:

During my lifetime, see yoga offered in all schools. During my lifetime, see the end of gun violence. Travel the United States with my wife and son in a VW bus. Live abroad with my family. Get a full night’s sleep.

Advice I would give my 16 year-old self:

Slow down.

Personal mantra:

Contrast is the essence of being – i.e. Life is all about balance.

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