We all grieve differently and that’s okay. Perhaps you don’t want to move — or perhaps you can’t stop. Whatever the case, so many of us have dealt with grief this year through a world-wide pandemic that would have been hard to imagine one year ago today.

Whether you’ve lost someone to Covid-19 or in any other way, we stop to honor your suffering and encourage you to slow down as much as you’re able — to give your body the rest, nourishment and simple tools it needs to deal with one of life’s heaviest experiences. This yoga flow from yogi, Victory Jones was designed to support you.

Grounding Yoga Flow For Grief

‘Nothing can ever prepare you for the loss of a loved one. It changes you. Regardless of how we choose to behave, whether spending our time coping or distracting ourselves, there is no running from grief. It’s vast, immersive, emotive and envelopes us fully. Grief is not something you move on from or get over — that is a numbing, inaccurate and dangerous myth. Grief, is something you move on with. This yoga flow is designed to allow you to process your grief, release pent up emotions, support the nervous system and find calm in the vulnerability…’

This entire sequence, although brief & super simple is very powerful and also profoundly soothing for anyone, especially for those grieving.

We begin in easy seat to ground & center.

Placing hands over the heart center to reconnect to our love vibration.

Placing one hand over the belly to connect more deeply to the breath and also relax the body.

Side bends to loosen up the torso and spine to allow for more space in the upper body for more breath to flow.

Forward folding in easy seat to lengthen the spine, connect to the earth and also bring our awareness inward.

Cat cows warm up the spine and support fluidity of motion while plugging into the earth to stay grounded.

Childs pose to surrender to self, the breath, and the moment. To find calm in vulnerability.

Downward dog – technically is an inversion – placing the hips over the heart with hands and feet plugged into the earth for a change in perspective, further calming of the nervous system (lowers blood pressure) and also to keep that earth & body connection. It also decreases tension in the spine too.

Ragdoll to surrender even more deeply to the moment and allow the spine to traction and loosen up the legs.

Mountain to stand tall within the self.

Childs pose to surrender to self, the breath, and the moment. To find calm in vulnerability.

Seated forward fold to allow the body to relax more deeply and loose up the legs while lengthening the spine. All forward folds allow us to draw our energy inward and connect more deeply with the self.

Janu Sirsanana to open the hips and release any tension or trauma that may be hiding/residing there; for greater energy & blood flow to that area. This simple pose is incredibly comforting because it allows you to be supple and let gravity do the work while you rest upon yourself.

Butterfly pose to open the hips, groin and allow greater ease release in this area. We tend to store a lot of tension and emotion in this part of our body and this pose allows us to gently express/release it.

Corpse post is the final resting position to simply allow what we’ve done to integrate and also to rest. It’s great for the nervous system and is uber soothing and calming if we just allow ourselves to surrender.

Ending with the hands over the heart and breathing in gratitude, is a great way to end any practice or can simply be done alone on its own whenever we feel overwhelmed or just need a moment to pause and reflect.

Victory Jones is a singer/songwriter, creative entrepreneur and empowering wellness leader.
For more Victory, check out her
website and follow her on Instagram, @srvj.

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