summer couldn’t arrive fast enough. If, like us, you just can’t wait for those warmer temps, try a new-to-L.A. yoga studio that’ll have you heated up in no time. Fresh from NYC, Y7 Studio has imported their ever-popular, hip-hop fueled hot yoga classes here to the West Coast.

Here’s the deal: Y7 Studio‘s classrooms are infrared sauna-heated. The deeply penetrating heat will, yes, amp up your workout, but also have you detoxing like crazy. We’re all about infrared saunas outside the studio, so the idea of combining it with a long, slow yoga class sounds divine.

Like so many new yoga studios here in the city, Y7 majors in music. Add infrared technology to those heart-pumping beats and we could have a transcendental mind-body blast of a workout on our hands.

We talked to the team at Y7 Studio to hear all about their Slow Yoga philosophy, which tunes they’re playing on repeat, and where their healthy crew is eating every day, whether here in L.A. or back in NYC…

Why the infrared heated room:

Infrared heat increases oxygen flow to your brain, is grounding for your nervous system, speeds up the oxidation of serotonin, improves metabolism, strengthens the immune system and accelerates the delivery of oxygen to cells and tissues. It’s a workout unto itself.

Why "slow" yoga:

The Slowburn class is great for those who want to focus more on alignment and structure of yoga. It is equally as challenging and intense as our flow class – just in a different way!

Benefits of slow yoga:

You are in the poses longer, which gives your body muscle memory and awareness of each asana. You burn out your muscles, you get that shaking sensation, which is where the change in your body and muscle building starts to happen.

Top pose for detoxing:

Twisted chair pose.

Top pose for a mood boost:

Shoulder stand.

Slow yoga playlist musts:

Gooey – Glass Animals; Returning – Hiatus; the place – Inc.

Team Y7 must eats in NYC:

Seamores, Happy Bones, Prince St. Pizza.

Team Y7 must eats in LA:

Pressed Juicery, Gracias Madre, Ink Sack (we are all obsessed with the salad sandwich).

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