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Wrap It Up: 8 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Gifts Under The Tree

We've all used newspaper as gift wrap before and it's a great way to recycle! Who hasn't received a beloved birthday gift wrapped in the Sunday comics? For a more modern version, try using a map! Use an old map from a memorable trip with the person you are gifting or a map from their home town. Charming and useful! We love the map-covered gift boxes from this adorable shop!



Wrap It Up: 8 Eco-Friendly Ideas For Gifts Under The Tree

Nothing brings more holiday cheer than that moment of exchanging gifts with your most treasured friends and family. But as Santa’s sleigh bells draw near and the Hannukah candles are prepared for lighting, many of us begin to dread the task of wrapping! And in the frenzy of holiday cheer, our eco-friendly values are all too easily pushed aside in favor of getting everything done in the nick of time.

This year, why not try a few un-orthodoxed gift wrap ideas that will keep you on track with your clean and green values and maybe even save you some time in the process. Here are a few of our favorite green ideas for wrapping up everything that will fit beneath the tree.

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