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Don’t act shocked that we’re talking about the healing power of crystals. Or that we’re reminiscing about recent Beverly Hills spa visits. Those are two topics you’ve definitely come to expect from us. But combine these topics together and you’ve got a deeply Chakboard-y beauty treatment that you might need some convincing to try.

We know you ladies love your spa facials (here are a few of our faves). And we also know you’re down for a little alternative, holistic wellness dabbling (you loved our feature on crystal expert, Ele Keats,) so when renowned facialist, Ling Chan, approached us about her new LING Energy Facial utilizing infrared-infused crystal wand technology, we knew our readers would be curious.

Ling’s glowing New York client list is as long as your arm, including seasonless #womancrushwednesday candidates, Madonna, Barbara Streisand and Naomi Campbell. Ling is not messing around. The LING Energy Lift Facial focuses on a tourmaline crytsal wand that imparts infrared heat deep into the skin, stimulating detoxification and tissue healing at a deep level. Beyond the wand, Ling’s facials also utilize traditional massage methods leaving that wrinkle-forming habitual tension in the dust.

We loved our experience at Ciel Spa in Beverly Hills who has just begun offering this often requested treatment, previously available only in New York. Ling is chatting with us about the tourmaline gemstone technology below. Clearly this is not your mother’s spa treatment. What do you say, readers: would you or wouldn’t you schedule a crystal wand skin treatment?

The Chalkboard Mag: Ling, this tourmaline crystal wand is so unique. What is tourmaline exactly and how has it been used in the past?

Ling Chan: Tourmaline gemstone is a semi-precious mineral stone well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. It’s one of only a handful of minerals that have the ability to emit negative ions and far-infrared rays.

TCM: What makes tourmaline so useful in skin care? Talk to us about negative ions a bit.

LC: Tourmaline produces a detoxifying, cleansing effect on the nervous system and the organs and tissues of the body. It has been shown as a useful aid for improving circulation, reducing stress, improving brain alertness and mood, and activating the immune system. Negative ions are the cleansing molecules of nature. You can’t smell, taste or see negative ions, but they are produced by nature in abundance only in very specific areas. Waterfalls, beaches and the forest are the biggest producers of negative ions. That is why we feel a sense of being uplifted in these areas. Negative ions are the way nature cleans the air and studies have shown that they improve our mood and brings a sense of euphoria. Tourmaline gemstones have the unique ability to release an abundance of negative ions.

TCM: We love infrared technology for detox. What are the benefits of infrared when it comes to skin care?

LC: Far-infrared rays are invisible rays of energy vibration that have the unique ability to penetrate all layers of the human physical body, reaching the tissues and muscles. Far-infrared ray energy is the same frequency as our body’s natural energy or ‘chi’, thus proper cellular function is activated. Far-infrared rays are neither heat nor hot rays, but warm vibration from solar energy. Conventional heat warms the air and only the surface of the skin. However, far-infrared rays penetrate deep into our bodies and vibrate our water molecules, creating heat within.

TCM: The tourmaline wand in your new Ling Energy facial is pretty unique. What made you decide to include it in your treatments?

LC: Ling Energy Lift is an innovation in the skin-care industry. I decided to include it in my treatments because the results are instant and amazing, and the benefits are wide ranging, including anti-aging face lifting and body wellness benefits.

TCM: Are there other minerals or crystals you love for skin care?

LC: Zinc is a mineral I also love for skin care. Zinc helps to quickly heal wounds and clear blemishes.

TCM: Any other ancient traditional Chinese modalities like this that you love for skin care as well?

LC: Acupuncture and gua sha are also two ancient Chinese modalities I love for skin care. Both work to stimulate the nerve system and promote self healing and work to detox the body to help increase blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Try this celebrity secret facial for yourself! Book the LING Energy Lift Facial at Ciel Spa inside the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills or at Ling New York in Union Square or the Upper West Side.

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