Would You Or Wouldn’t You: Acupuncture School

Most people are familiar with the ancient art of oriental acupuncture that uses needles to balance Chi, or energy, in the body. Different parts of the body correspond to inner organs, and when the needles are placed appropriately, healing can begin to take place. Acupuncture can be a costly holistic treatment, starting at $80 for a single treatment. Moreover, it usually takes more than one session to treat a condition, meaning multiple visits that can add up quickly.

A hidden gem to be found in Los Angeles is Dongguk University. Nestled on a quiet street in LA’s busy Koreatown, this school is bustling with students and visitors. If you can make an appointment, they are great about accommodating your requests. A visit usually takes one hour, which includes a comprehensive consultation where the student practitioner and doctor review your symptoms, take your pulse and have a look at your tongue. Yes, the tongue is very important in acupuncture, as it reveals a lot about what is going on internally!

After the consultation, the session takes place on a table, where the needles are strategically placed to assist in improving your symptoms. Once the needles are placed, the doctor turns off the lights and leaves you for 30 min. It is a highly relaxing, peaceful experience that puts almost anyone to sleep. The 30 minutes zip by and the doctor removes the needles. Depending upon your condition, the doctor can recommend herbs that can also be purchased at the school.

Dongguk University is an excellent spot to check out, whether you are new to acupuncture or have been utilizing it for years. The doctors are highly knowledgeable and you can’t beat the price! If you don’t live in LA, check out your own local area for similar acupuncture schools. They’re a great way to be introduced to an amazing therapy!

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