Somewhere between New Year’s Day, “bikini season,” …and the next New Year’s Eve, our good intentions to workout weekly can get over-ridden by other priorities. We may ramp up our efforts before a big event (beach vacay! big date!), but then fall back into old habits once life gets in the way.

It’s still the middle of the summer and we’re hoping to motivate ourselves to amp things up again, recalling those far-flung resolutions, and renewing our fitness “vows,” while we still have a good, meaningful chunk of the year left. 

Workout routines are just good habits that we cultivate over and over again – which means, if you’re gonna get fit, there’s no better time than the present. Our friends at Darling interviewed the creator of VIPE, Marlies Korijn, to share these motivational secrets, and we loved her four simple yet super effective tips…

Set realistic goals! The key is consistency, so try to define a routine and stick to it. Work out at least two or three times a week with recovery days in between. Dress for the gym right away to give yourself less opportunity to back out of a workout. I drink a protein shake two hours before my workout to get the best results – Body Brilliance Vegan Protein Formula in chocolate flavor with almond milk is my favorite. Protein takes time to kick in which, is why you have to drink it in advance. Then, set a fun playlist and get pumped up! Have fun with it!

There are so many amazing options on how to exercise these days! Find something that appeals to you personally so that you’ll actually want to workout. I personally love spin, TRX and boxing because I get inspiration through action and sports! Remember that exercise can include games and team sports as well, which can be more fun than going to the gym. Plus, working out with friends helps to keep you motivated.

Choose a friend to work out with who is at a similar level. Accountability is key. At Vipe, we take breaks and go to exercise classes together. I am certified in TRX, Power Plate and spin so give the team pointers on form. We will work out together and then grab a high-protein lunch afterwards! It’s fun to go as a group so we encourage each other. Fitness and health should be a priority in our daily lives.

It’s also important to switch it up. Trick your muscle memory by gradually increasing to heavier weights with fewer reps or alternating between upper and lower.

Overeating when you feel like you’ve “earned it” can be a problem for a lot of people. My personal biggest pitfall is licorice candy when I’m feeling indulgent. Especially since I just had a baby and am constantly breastfeeding! As a healthy alternative I’ll go for Wasa multigrain cracker with a slice of low-sodium turkey or cut celery sticks and radishes dipped in hummus. I recommend snacking on healthy snacks frequently and don’t allow cravings to get in the way of your workout routine. I will also splash some Organic Stevia Sweet Drops in my water bottle to switch it up (peach mango is my favorite).

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