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Exercise is one of the great stress reducers. With our local gyms and studios temporarily closing, we want to make sure you’re covered with plenty of access and opportunity to work out at home while under self-quarantine. We are committed to supporting your health — and sanity — with this roundup of workouts you can do at home.

Below you’ll find something for everyone, and none of them require you to leave your front door…

9 IncredibleWays To Workout At Home

The Burst Training workout  | Can just four minutes of burst training achieve the results or an hour-long studio session? According to leading women’s health expert and bestselling author Dr. Sara Gottfried, it’s possible that burst training could be more aligned with our body’s needs. Our bodies perform well with burst training, followed by exercise at a moderate intensity for one to three minutes. The best part? You can do this in your bedroom. Read more

The dance cardio jam | The queen of dance aerobics, Tracy Anderson, offers an online platform of her addictive sweat sessions. There’s a reason her streaming classes have reached as much cult status as her studio classes: They’re adaptive, efficient and, like her in-person classes, built on community. You’ll find plenty of social support, (go #tamfamily!) on the gram to keep your spirits up and sweat flowing. read more

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the Busy Phillips go-to | Lauren Kleban is the founder of  LEKFIT, the dance-driven LA-based fitness studio where Emmy Rossum and Busy Phillips are hardcore devotees. She recently launched the new JETSET LEKFIT series online to give her subscribers a series of full body — and completely equipment-free — workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere. Read more

The Body Band Workout | Bands are small but mighty and we’ve got the workouts to prove it. You can pick up some super affordable bands, then dig into this round-up of best band workouts. Read More

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The HIIT class | The perfect full-body burn to tighten and tone all your areas in less than the time it would’ve taken to find parking for your class. Liz Smithers, the Kauai-based yogi behind Laka Living, (incredible high-vibe foods we are obsessed with) created this incredibly dynamic full-body workout to do at home. Read more

The Class Live Stream | The Class by Taryn Toomey is where sweat meets soul — the ultimate body/mind connection workout to stay balanced and engaged.  Now, The Class by Taryn Toomey is offering a new digital studio with live-streamed classes to connect you with the experience of being on a mat in-studio via your TV, smartphone or tablet. The Class offers guided instruction and heart-pumping music to take you through intense physical conditioning…in turn, you’ll develop the mental and physical strength to get through anything.

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Body By Simone | Simone De La Rue encourages clients to embrace the workout at home life by using cans of beans or water bottles as weights, socks on a wooden floor for gliders and anything from home that can kick the heart rate up. She’s lowered her app prices by 40% to encourage everyone to stay active from the safety of own home right now. Read more

The Booty Fix | Mike Alexander of LA’s Madfit Gym along with lifestyle blogger Lauren Gores share 5 easy moves that will tone, tighten and shape the glutes into the perfect booty — no squats, no gym included. Read more

The Boxing routine | A solid boxer inspired abs and arms workout from personal trainer, Kollins Ezekh. Quick and weight-free, you’ll be ready to kick any zombie ass coming your way. Read more

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