Winter Skincare hydrating masks

Forget the wind, snow and dry outdoor air, our regular skincare regimen doesn’t stand a chance against the dreaded space heater. We’ve got a few perfect winter skincare products in mind to keep skin bouncy, vibrant and hydrated through the season — most of them sheet masks.

Find something from our list that fits your skin type and integrate a few of our faves into your self-care routine to pump that winter skin back up to its dewy max.
Winter Skincare overnight maskGlow Recipe avocado mask | Our skincare world was rocked when we first discovered Glow Recipe’s watermelon overnight mask. The clean Korean skincare brand has done it again with their newest formula made with avocado – this mask works overnight to deeply moisturize dry, dull skin, support natural collagen production, and decongest pores. Bonus for this adorable, vintage green bottle. CHECK OUT

Winter Skincare hydrating tonerBeauty Chef probiotic skin refiner | One key to smooth, glowy skin is to keep cell turnover high. This potent probiotic toner from The Beauty Chef works as an exfoliant, hydrator and collagen booster all in one. A winter must. CHECK OUT

Winter Skincare joanna vargas sheet maskJoanna Vargas euphoria mask | Relieve redness and soothe the skin with this restorative sheet mask infused with vital nutrients. This mask helps to calm and nourish irritated skin, while gently exfoliating the layer that’s lacking luster. CHECK OUT
Winter Skincare hydrating face serumDrunk Elephant d-bronzi sunshine drops | This serum immediately replenishes our delicate skin barrier with omega-rich marula oil, black currant seed oil, vitamin E and and other ingredients that mimic the antioxidant benefits of vitamin D. Add this to your moisturizer for a dose of antioxidants, omega fatty acids – and most importantly – instant bronzy glow. CHECK OUT

Winter Skincare hydrating sheet maskfarmacy hydrating coconut gel sheet mask | This serum soaked sheet mask features a powerful combination of hydrating honey, healing propolis and amino acid-rich royal jelly. Pop it in the fridge beforehand for extra-soothing action. CHECK OUT
odacite mist for Winter SkincareOdacite Hydra-Repair Treatment Mist | Infused with fresh aloe, soothing immortelle, powerfully hydrating hyaluronic acid, this rejuvenating mist works wonders to revive dry skin throughout the day (it matters!). It’s a comfortable alternative to heavy creams, and can easily be re-applied again and again. Keep a bottle on your desk and mist away, all day. CHECK OUT
Winter Skincare rose quartz gua sha

Odacite rose gau sha | We’ve recently become obsessed with the ancient art of gua sha. The benefits of this pretty little tool include stimulating circulation (read: keeping skin fresh!) and draining the lymph system for an instantly upgraded complexion. Used on top of a generous layer of your fave face oil, gua sha also helps to draw the healing, hydrating ingredients deep into your skin. CHECK OUT

Winter Skincare propolis maskLeegeehaam Vita Propolis Nutrimask | Propolis is a power-ingredient with potent antioxidant, anti-fungal and antibiotic properties. Blended into a botanical serum that features brightening peony and calming centella this revitalizing mask plumps up skin with nourishment and deep, dewy hydration. CHECK OUT
Dermovia Waterless Pre-Makeup Mask | This waterless, dry to the touch mask is activated by the humidity, temperature, pH of the skin, releasing fast-absorbing active ingredients. The compression design keeps the mask put while adding a little firming action to boot. CHECK OUT
What’s the winter skincare product you rely on most? 
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