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    the blender girl juicer giveaway

    January is all about getting a fresh start on health and happiness: signing up for that gym membership, ordering those mood-boosting essential oils, and of course, embarking on that juicing life! Whether you’re opting for a three-day juice cleanse or just adding some liquid greens to your morning routine, we’re about to hook you up, TCM-style…

    To kick off 2015 and help you get your new healthy lifestyle started on the right foot, we’ve partnered with one of our favorite healthy food bloggers, The Blender Girl, to host our very first Pinterest contest of the year – and it’s a big one!

    Head on over to Pinterest and peep our #TheBlenderGirlxTheChalkboard New Year’s board for a slew of inspirational images, articles, recipes, and more! Then build your own board telling us what’s inspiring you toward a healthy new year. The winner will receive a 3-day Pressed Juicery juice cleanseJUICE by Pressed Juicery, The Blender Girl Cookbook by Tess Masters, The Blender Girl herself…and a top-of-the-line Omega juicer to get you started on all your juicing adventures!

    We can’t wait to check out your favorite healthy images, inspirational quotes, recipe ideas, wellness must-haves, goal-setting pins, and more. Get pinning and win what’s pretty much the most ideal “healthy living starter kit” ever! Here’s everything you need to know:

    The Blender Girl x The Chalkboard Mag New Year’s Pinterest Contest

    The winnings:

    One lucky reader will win a Pressed Juicery 3-day cleanse, an Omega juicer, Pressed Juicery’s book, JUICE + The Blender Girl Cookbook!

    Step 1: Find Us On Pinterest

    Find and follow The Chalkboard Mag, Pressed Juicery and The Blender Girl on Pinterest. Be sure to follow all three!

    Step 2: Create Your Board

    Create a new Pinterest board and title it #TheBlenderGirlxTheChalkboardMag

    Step 3: Pin Your Heart Out!

    Build your board and share what’s inspiring you to live your healthiest year yet. Pin at least two images from our #TheBlenderGirlxTheChalkboardMag Pinterest board along with what’s inspiring you to be healthy in the new year. You must include at least two images from our board to be included in the contest – the rest is up to you!

    Step 4: Submit Your Board

    Once you feel your board is complete, all you’ve got to do is let us know! Officially enter the giveaway by leaving a link to your board in the comments below. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, January 16th!

    Giveaway closes Monday, January 16th at 5PM PST. Open to continental US residents only. Good luck, readers!

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    1. The #TheBlenderGirlxTheChalkboardMag board does not exist. How do we pin 2 pins from it when it’s not there?

      Susan Highland | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    2. Looking forward to a happy and healthy new year with our new baby!

      Here’s my board!

      Erin Stewart | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    3. Kristina | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    4. Here is my board. Thanks for the great giveaway!

      nique crump | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    5. Lizzy | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    6. Rebecca | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    7. Love this site and to juice! Hear is to my healthiest year yet! Thanks!- Jessy, Mobile, AL

      Jessy Young | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    8. Kristen | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    9. Katherine McFadden | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    10. Loved this giveaway contest! Here’s my board!

      Stacy Vaughn | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    11. So excited for the chance to win all these goodies especially when trying Pressed Juicery’s juices is on my bucket list! Thanks a bunch!

      Ashley | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    12. Here’s the board! I’m ready for some Healthy changes!

      Jessica | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    13. So happy about this giveaway! Here’s my board:

      Chaslyn Vasconcellos | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    14. Jessica E. | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    15. An amazing opportunity to dive into juicing! Thanks for the pinterest giveaway!

      Ashley | 01.05.2015 | Reply
    16. I hope to win the #TheBlenderGirlxTheChalkboardMag Challenge! I would love an Omega Juicer, I’ve learned more about them in school this year. I’m an esthetician, and I’ve learned that putting clean, organic food into your body will definitely improve the beauty of your skin. When I get to go to LA (which isn’t often enough) I stop by the Pressed Juicery in Studio City and grab my favorite juices ^.^

      Good luck to everyone!

      Crystal Taylor | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    17. I am not used to pinterest so I am just going to add my name to the list. Of course I would love to win, my health depends on it. Rachel.

      Rachel Godin | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    18. Beth | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    19. Beth | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    20. Have been slowly making changes in the way I feed my family. Started shopping when I can at local farmer’s market, reading and learning what I can about healthy food and of course, trying new recipes. I am hoping the coming year I will just become a healthier me.
      My link is:

      Lora Fox | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    21. Here’s my board! This is definitely going to be my healthiest year yet! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

      Carrie A Groff | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    22. What a great giveaway to start the year! I’m in full detox mode and winning this would be the cherry on top of my green smoothie!

      Here is my board:

      Erin | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    23. Maritza | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    24. Here’s to a happy, healthy and blessed 2015! #TheBlenderGirlxTheChalkboardMag

      Cindy | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    25. Stoked to harness all the opportunity this coming new year, here’s a glimpse of what I want it to look like. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

      Haley Fuller | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    26. Katherine | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    27. Hi.. I am surrounded by people I love immensly and plan on doing all I can to be around them as the best me I can be and to share the knowledge by showing example… Physically, spiritually.. In every possible way.. Thanks for supplying us with trustworthy information and tricks to help achieve our goals!! Blessings to you in the new year!!

      Johanne Belanger | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    28. So many new things I want to try this year

      Oanh Ho | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    29. Here’s my board!
      There’s so much more that I COULD add, but if I ONLY do what’s currently on my board, I will achieve my goals! So that’s my goal. 🙂 Oh, that, and winning! 😀
      ~Veronica / Roni

      Veronica Fenton | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    30. This is so much fun and so inspiring! I think I’ll continue pinning to mine to keep the motivational juices flowing!

      Lauren | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    31. Teresa Earp | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    32. Very inspiring for the new year, especially since I am starting out 20 weeks pregnant 🙂

      Lindsay | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    33. Hayley | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    34. Thanks for the ideas and amazing recipes! Here’s the link to my board:

      Amy N. | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    35. Great idea! Another way to visualize my goals and keep me inspired. Thanks!

      Kristi Sawicki | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    36. I would juice at least manyseveral knobby thumbs of ginger and fresh herbs, and add it to fresh, homemade chicken stock with lemon juice and cayenne and drink it hot on the coldest day of the year.

      siggi | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    37. Lisa Davis | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    38. This is so great! Thanks for the inspiration!

      Maddie D | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    39. Charlotte Ramlow | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    40. Jasmine B | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    41. I want to start 2015 right! Creating a deeper mind/body connection that will pave the way for focus, clarity and intent. I have big plans for this year and I would love the extra help to make it possible. Thank you for giving me the inspiration for creating another inspirational board.
      Inspiration in my back pocket, always a great tool to have.
      Happy New Year!

      Klean-Slate | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    42. Hello The Chalkboard Magazine!!! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE your magazine and Im also signed up to your news letter, and honestly its been love at first site

      Zuleika | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    43. Alisha Rhodes | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    44. Jessica | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    45. Kelly C | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    46. Amanda | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    47. So excited for 2015! Looking forward to a fresh and healthy new year, filled with exciting new experiences and challenges. Thank you so much for being an exceptional inspiration! Here is my board:

      Brittney | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    48. Here’s my board;

      Inspired to juice cleanse and then try some new recipes! Everything looks incredible!! Excited!

      kristin dahl | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    49. Thank you so much for being such a big inspiration for me! I’m so excited for a fresh start to 2015! So many new adventures to look forward to, goals to reach, and new experiences! I’ve tried some of your recipes and not only are they delicious, but they are a great inspiration for me to discover and create so many more wonderful, nutritious meals. Here is my board at:

      Ashley | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    50. Hello. Thanks for running a great contest. It was nice to take a little time to reflect on what changes and improvements I’d like to make in my life by building the board. I look forward to perfecting my cauliflower rice technique, juicing more regularly(thanks to the juicing without a juicer recipes) getting outside more and learning to make an excellent vegan ramen broth. Looking forward to cooking more at home with my husband this year as well. Here’s my board & thanks again!

      Beckie | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    51. 2015 is going to be my year! I’m so excited to get healthy and work to become stronger. Thank you for sharing such uplifting and useful information about living a healthy life. I love this blog and all the people who contribute! I’ve found so many inspiring individuals through the posts here and I can’t wait to learn even more in 2015! Here’s to an amazing year, thank you so much TCM.
      My pinterest board:

      Lauren Burkitt | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    52. I’m so excited about making this a healthier year in terms of mind, body and soul! You can find my board at

      Shannon | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    53. Mary Woollard | 01.06.2015 | Reply
    54. I’m excited to have a chance in such an amazing contest! Thank you 🙂

      Angelita Rodriguez | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    55. Angelita Rodriguez | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    56. Wow, I would love to start the new year with a “juicy attitude” 😉 Hope I win! This would be the perfect opportunity to finally getting my family to start juicing

      Kalianaonita | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    57. ( I forgot to add the link to my board, here it is!)

      Kalianaonita | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    58. Veronica | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    59. Thanks for starting my new year off on the right foot!

      Linda Poplees | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    60. Thankyou so much for this opportunity! I have been wanting to juice for so long now, and this would be the ultimate start!! EEPP a girl can only dream!! 🙂

      Briana Nicolle O. | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    61. I could use a new juicer. Mine is one of the first edition Jack Lalane’s and is so old it turned from white to yellow. But it still works, lol. 🙂

      Lara | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    62. I would love this juicer to jumpstart my wellness goals for 2015!! This contest has been a great way for me to reflect on my goals and o tcreate a board dedicated to those goals. WooHoo!!!!!! Thank you!

      Lisa | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    63. Can’t wait to make this year a success through feeling healthy and happy!

      Jordan Beall | 01.08.2015 | Reply
    64. It was really fun visualizing my 2015 goals!

      Allison | 01.09.2015 | Reply
    65. thank you for the Motivation and Inspiration ~

      Claudia | 01.10.2015 | Reply
    66. Here is my board. I just started and it looks like I’ll miss some sleep over pinning and blending! There is so much I’d like to try and am trying! Thanks a lot for offering access to many new ideas. My body sure loves the clean, healthy food and chronic inflammations have gotten less over the last few month since I started to focus more on green, gluten- and (almost) alcohol free meals…

      Saakit C. Grauwiler | 01.10.2015 | Reply
    67. Get ready to laugh and enjoy all the healthy options your new year has to offer.

      christine p | 01.11.2015 | Reply
    68. This is so exciting thanks for the opportunity happy and healthy new year xo

      Julie | 01.11.2015 | Reply
    69. Here is my board. Thank you for hosting this giveaway!

      SD Murray | 01.11.2015 | Reply
    70. CARLA HERNANDEZ | 01.12.2015 | Reply
    71. Thanks for the chance! Here’s my board:

      Debbie | 01.12.2015 | Reply
    72. Hello! And thank you for such a wonderful generous giveaway/sweepstakes! Yay! I am excited to participate and share with you my board. Here is the link! Paws crossed that I am chosen and I win! Yay! <3
      Stacey Rae 😉

      Stacey Rae Gibbs | 01.13.2015 | Reply
    73. Thanks so much…this inspires me to start juicing again!!!

      Marie Muckey | 01.13.2015 | Reply
    74. I’ve just moved back to Miami from Los Angeles and I want to keep the momentum going!! I miss frequenting Pressed daily! But I know that I can still make fantastic progress in Miami as long as I keep my goal to be fit and healthy! Here’s a link to my board –>

      christina | 01.13.2015 | Reply

      Fabulous pins Chalkboard Mag! I got a lot of insight on how juicing works!

      Jordan Troublefield | 01.13.2015 | Reply
    76. First of all, I would like to thank you for doing such an amazing giveaway. I had so much fun checking out everyone’s amazing Pinterest boards, and I was truly inspired by so many of them to push myself even harder. I believe that dieting is not a good way to lose weight or feel better about yourself, I believe that is has to come from within. I would absolutely love to win this giveaway so I could do juice cleanses to better my body from the inside, as well as externally- here’s my board thanks again for doing such a generous giveaway!

      Sarah Baginski | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    77. Building my Pinterest board got me pumped and I’m so ready for tomorrow’s workout! Just the inspiration I need for a better me in 2015!

    78. Sarah | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    79. Here’s to More Raw & Vegan Health, Juicing, and Blending Happiness.

      Michelle Cantu | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    80. Namaste! Here is my board for a healthier and happier 2015!
      As I am transitioning from college to life beyond, I am learning how to accept myself and my path in 2015. My inner journey to happiness is aided by my passion for health. If I rid myself of toxins and fuel my body with nutrients, I am bound to find my way, right?! Cheers to a wonderful year filled with love, self-acceptance, and lots o’ green juice!

      Santina Olney | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    81. Here is my board! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

      Anna | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    82. Anna | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    83. Knowledge is power, and I’ve just obtained it. Here is to a new year of healthy new habits not fads, trends or diets.

      Mayra Valle | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    84. Knowledge is power, and I’ve just obtained it. Here’s to a new year of healthy new habits not fads, trends or diets.

      Mayra Valle | 01.14.2015 | Reply
    85. I want to dedicate 2015 to being kinder to myself and others. A big part of that is treating my whole body – inside and out – with a kind of radical kindness and positivity that hopefully spreads to everyone I meet. Last year was a year of transitions for me (new job, new relationship). This year I want to remind myself each and every day to keep growing, keep moving, and to treat myself well (by feeding my body and mind with good, wholesome things), and making it a year of much soul and beauty. Making this board was awesome (I’m new to Pinterest) and I plan to return to it often to remind myself of who I am and where I’m going. Thank you!

      Dulce M. | 01.15.2015 | Reply
    86. Hallie Parker | 01.15.2015 | Reply

      Whoo hoo! I am feeling Healthy and Happy and looking forward to the Healthiest 2015 Yet!! I hope that the Blender Girl, Chalk Board Mag and Pressed Juicery will help my health dream all come true!!!

      Here is my Healthy and happy board:

      THANK YOU!!!


    88. Tess | 01.15.2015 | Reply
    89. Chasiri S | 01.15.2015 | Reply
    90. Rebecca | 01.15.2015 | Reply
    91. Marina | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    92. What a fun idea! It helps remind me of healthier living. I can always use reminders.

      Sky Walker | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    93. What a fun idea! It helps remind me of healthier living. I can always use

      Sky Walker | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    94. Here is my board! I hope that 2015 is my healthiest year yet, that it inspires my boyfriend to be healthy as well, and that winning the Blender Girl book, Pressed Juicery book, and CLEANSE! Plus the amazing juicer, it will keep me going through February and beyond! 🙂

      Anna Walker | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    95. Weather I get picked or not, thank you for this great idea! It sparked me to do more research for an even healthier life style. Although, not gonna lie, it’d be pretty freakin awesome to win! 😀

      Danielle | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    96. What a great new board I’m creating…. Deeeeelicious!!!!!!

      Megan Rose | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    97. Lisa M | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    98. So adore Pressed, The Chalkboard & beyond happy to learn of The Blender Girl…having a blast creating positive energy for the new year! <3

      Jacqueline Feibel | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    99. I’m so excited for this giveaway. I thought I had submitted my board but it timed out and was waiting for a comment so apologies for that. This is going to be a great year to get healthy and back to my goals. Thank you for having this contest and I hope you enjoy reviewing my board that I had a lot of fun creating!

      Hira Rahim | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    100. Kate Finn | 01.16.2015 | Reply

      The Chalkboard | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    102. It’s about time I win a contest! 🙂

      Alex Green | 01.16.2015 | Reply
    103. Thank you for the chance to win this board. Winning this contest will help me on my the changes I aspire to make this year in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for the chance and helping me realize through this exercise all the wonderful inspiration I have around me. Happy 2015!

      Diana | 01.17.2015 | Reply
    104. Adrien Beatty | 01.17.2015 | Reply
    105. Happy New Year2015! I love the almost 100% pressed juices from “Pressed Juices” in CA. The variety is awesome! Especially liked the “Pumpkin Spice” limited edition juice! I shared them with four people they love the taste too!Looking forward to reading from the Chalkboard Mag! Thanks !
      PS> I would love to win the Omega Juicer, juice cleanse package and books !!!!

      Jean potter | 01.19.2015 | Reply
    106. Katie, thx for post! You always motivate me.

    107. Katie, Thanks for help!

      Urban Hilll | 07.09.2018 | Reply

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