Tips For Growing Fiddle Leaf Figs + How To Style Them

Everyone loves a good fiddle leaf fig tree. They’re whimsical, yet elegant, and a perfect match for the neutral-natural home. Though they’ve become a little ubiquotous, we can’t stop clicking them on Pinterest – a good sign the fig tree is here to stay.

We hit up Apartment Therapy for tips for growing fiddle leaf figs and found everything we need to know to overcome our fear of caring for such a giant indoor plant. The truth is that if you’re thumb has even a tinge of green, you can make this impressive addition to your home survive well beyond 2015!

Top care Tips: The right water level is key for these trees. Pros recommend watering only once the top inch of soil is absolutely dry. The trees also need good sunlight, but not direct beams – think about the sun-washed feel of most home design blogger’s home and you’ve got the right picture. Lastly, and most “difficulty” if you’re a busy bee, the tree needs fertilizing monthly. Yet another task to add to the calendar – but we think these living statement pieces are worth the effort! For all the tips read Apartment Therapy’s full break-down here.

How To Style: Now comes the fun part: styling. A gorgeous, healthy fiddle leaf fig tree is one thing, but a well-styled one? Forget about it. Here are a few styling ideas to put in play…

The perfect planter: We love this gorgeous, looks-like-you’ve-had-it-for-ages planter from Terrain. Hand-crafted of natural fiberclay this earthy pot is exactly what we want to see our little tree thriving in.

…or the perfect basket: Fiddle leaf figs’ BFF is the giant basket. We’re obsessed with this look, and think this little number from Williams Sonoma is just about perfect.

A watering can: The chore of caring for plants becomes a little more fancy with an old-school watering can. We love this modern-meets-traditional copper can that can be left kicking about the house (it’s that gorgeous.) Or this unique aged copper version that looks so authentically gardeny you’ll have your friends fooled that you’re a stone cold garden master.

throw down a rug: Area rugs are a quick way to adjust the feel of a room. Depending on the size tree and type of container you select for your fiddle leaf, make the room come together with a little extra (or a little less) color. We love these affordable black and white stripes from IKEA or a beautifully woven jute classic like this.

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