Gua Sha Facial Challenge

The gua sha facial is on our shortlist of impressive beauty trends in the last decade. This low-tech skincare ritual has been taking the world of clean beauty by storm for years now, and with good reason. The treatment is wildly effective for boosting circulation, reducing puffiness and leaving us with a lifted, glowy complexion in just a few short minutes.

The trick is, as much as we love a gua sha facial, we honestly hadn’t thought of doing the ritual everyday. But the pros are now encouraging us to give it a try and see the cumulative results of a regular practice. That’s what the 21-Day Gua Sha Challenge is all about.

Gua Sha Facial

We first gave a gua sha routine serious effort after meeting the women of Wildling, a skincare brand built around the multifunctional Aura Stone and accompanying ritual. After meeting the three founders at their launch and hearing their unique perspective on the ancient beauty ritual, we knew they were onto something big and have been devoted fans ever since.

Starting March 1, we’re inviting TCM readers to participate in a 21-day challenge. Grab your gua sha stone and oil, sign up by February 23 (at bottom) and you’ll begin receiving instructions and education from Wildling by March 1. The goal is to learn the correct techniques and stick to the ritual for a full twenty-one days. Why? The before-and-afters don’t lie. This ritual is totally non-invasive, a joy to perform and will teach you to stay more in tune with your body. Oh, and your skin is going to look amazing.

Gua Sha Facial stone

The basics of gua sha | For those of you just catching up, a bit of background on gua sha….
As a traditional East Asian healing modality, gua sha pre-dates acupuncture. A stone or other tool is used to trace key meridian pathways and lymphatic system points to release stagnant energy, boost circulation and encourage detoxification. Benefits may include:

+ Better blood flow to the skin and tissues
+ Lymphatic drainage
+ Reduction of wrinkles
+ Lifting and tightening of sagging skin
+ Better skincare penetration
+ Release of muscle tension relate to issues like TMJ and headaches

We’ve come to swear by a gua sha facial when we’re looking to wake up a tired, puffy or dull complexion. The results are instant and the whole process feels amazing. With just a few therapeutic strokes across the face and neck, we’ve learned to achieve a glowier, more lifted, and refreshed face with a routine we actually enjoy. This is the stuff of natural beauty dreams.

Join Us For A 21-Day Facial Gua Sha Challenge

What we didn’t realize about gua sha is that the effects are cumulative, meaning that just a short daily routine can achieve an even more noticeable impact…

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: A gua sha stone! You can purchase Wildling’s Aura stone or the full Wildling set with facial spritz, facial oil and stone to treat yourself and set yourself up for success. For the Challenge, we’re offering TCM readers 10% off their Wildling purchase with code CHALKBOARD10

Gua Sha Facial Challenge before and after

Gua Sha Facial Challenge before and after

HOW TO PREP: Order your gua sha stone and be sure you’ve got a good facial oil on hand that you know your skin loves. If you’re brand new to gua sha, watch this video to start getting the gist of the facial process.

Decide whether you’re a morning or evening ritual kind of person. You can do either, just begin warming yourself to the idea!

Take a before picture! During the challenge, you’re free to participate in community or glow up solo. Even if it’s just for yourself, take an honest photo, makeup-free, in natural light against a white background. When the challenge is complete, you’ll want to take an after picture in the same place!

JOIN THE CHALLENGE: Sign up by February 23 and you’ll begin receiving instructions and education from Wildling by March 1! Leave us your comments below to share your experience or find us on Instagram as we share more through the month.


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