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Who To Follow On Instagram: 9 Incredible Design Accounts We Love
Travelling Writer Jedidiah Jenkins @jedidiahjenkins

Biking your way from Oregon to Patagonia this summer? Neither are we. That's why we're loving Jedidiah Jenkins for sharing his double-continental journey with us!

This account stuns us on the regular with dreamy posts from Jedidiah and friends as they travel by bike from the Great Northwest to the most southern point of the Americas. Think seaside hammocks in the woods and sweeping shots from high in the mountains. The best part is that Jedidiah always tops his shots with his captions. For the shot pictured: "There's something that makes us happy as kids and energized when we get to a town and dress up a little. Vagabond bikers that look like they haven't been sleeping in the dirt. Like shapeshifters with a secret."



who to follow on instagram best instagram accounts

Time suck though it may be, our love affair with Instagram rages on. And we’re starting off our ‘Who To Follow On Instagram’ series with a round-up of design-lover’s dream accounts.

We love a good, healthy food-stagram and to follow the Instagrammers who spend their days at the barre, but give us a daily dose of the dreamy IGs we love most – from dreamy farmscapes to minimalist travelers – and the inspiration will carry us through whatever kale salads and barre classes are to come. Fall in love with our 9 top ‘grammers for a dose of lifestyle lift to stir your imagination and stoke your passion for a more aesthetically pleasing life…

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