What To Expect From March’s Full Worm Moon in Libra

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All About The Full Moon In Libra On March 25, 2024

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… The Full Moon of March 25 is super important. First, it is the placeholder for Passover, which—due to this year being a leap year—is celebrated under Taurus (April 22) instead of Aries, where it is supposed to be. The second reason is that this lunation is a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, so to all you Aries and Libras: Moses is coming with some handy miracles. In my book The Astrology of 2024 – A Cosmic Navigator Guide to Piloting the Once and Future Year, I provide detailed predictions and the meaning of the eclipse, but here is a small sample for each sign:

Aries | The Sun in Aries empowers you with added vigor. Something is coming to an end and can be a bit rough on some of your relationships. This is the Full Moon of Moses (Passover) and Jesus (Last Supper), a time of liberation and ending bondage. Note: Passover in 2024 is delayed due to issues with the Lunar calendar.

Taurus | The Sun illuminates your shadow realm, empowering healing, letting go, and connecting to your imagination. Potential challenges might arise related to confinement, hospitals, or confronting pain. With the Moon influencing your service, a call to aid others may be evident. Monitor your health and diet. Anticipate closure, perhaps related to health or work and coworkers. This is the Full Moon of Moses (Passover) and Jesus (Last Supper), a time of liberation and ending bondage. Note: Passover in 2024 is delayed due to issues with the Lunar calendar.

Gemini | The Sun illuminates facets of your life like friends, affiliations, and government relationships. An excellent period to integrate technology and enhance your overall efficiency. The Moon casts its light on children, love, and joy, potentially evoking heightened emotions. A chapter might close, intensifying feelings. This is symbolic of Moses (Passover) and Jesus’ (Last Supper) narratives, signifying liberation and the breaking of chains. Note, Passover in 2024 observes a delay due to lunar calendar discrepancies.

Cancer | While the Sun spotlights your career, the Moon’s tugging at your home and family, which are super important for you. Tough pill to swallow, but it’s high time you shift your gaze from family needs and zoom in on your professional ambitions. This lunation is the original Full Moon linked to Moses (Passover) and Jesus (the Last Supper). Talk about liberation and breaking chains! And yep, a quick heads-up: Passover is a month late due to some lunar calendar quirks.

Leo | The Sun illuminates the essence of your beliefs and philosophy, urging you to radiate your authentic self and reveal your inner brilliance. With the Moon’s guidance, you’ll uncover the messages that yearn for expression, either through your writing or connections with relatives. Contractual or business landscapes may shift during this time. Historically, this phase aligns with the original Full Moon of significant events like Passover (for Moses) and the Last Supper (for Jesus) – both emblematic of emancipation and breaking free. Note, however, that Passover in 2024 has been postponed due to discrepancies in the Lunar calendar.

Virgo | The Sun illuminates your passion, intimacy, sexuality, granting you access to collective resources and magic. The Moon acts as a conduit, linking you to your innate talents, skills, and financial prowess. Balance your personal financial ambitions with those of significant others. This period resonates with the profound liberation celebrated during Moses’ Passover and Jesus’ Last Supper. Note: 2024’s Passover celebrations witness a delay due to lunar calendar intricacies.

Libra  | The Sun casts a spotlight on your collaborative endeavors and partnerships, while the Moon graces your sign. The dynamic between the self (“I”) and the other (“thou”) takes center stage. This celestial event harkens back to significant religious moments: Moses’ Passover and Jesus’ Last Supper, both symbolic of emancipation and the conclusion of captivity. It’s worth noting that in 2024, the commemoration of Passover experiences a delay due to complications with the Lunar calendar.

Scorpio | The Moon lights up your imagination and gives you a rare window into your subconscious, past lifetime memories and skills and plots of hidden enemies. At the same time the Sun shines on your work and service, allowing you to push forward and bring to completion projects at work. This is the original Full Moon of Moses (Passover) and Jesus (Last Supper), a time of liberation and ending bondage. As mentioned before, Passover in 2024 is delayed due to issues with the Lunar calendar.

Sagittarius | The Sun lights up your creativity, romantic love, and connection to children, while the Moon shines on your friendships, organization, and organizations. However, there could be some conflicts between your children or lover’s need (prioritize) to those of your corporation, friends, or company, (less important). This is the original Full Moon of Moses (Passover) and Jesus (Last Supper), a time of liberation and ending bondage. As mentioned before, Passover in 2024 is delayed due to issues with the Lunar calendar.

Capricorn | The Sun illuminates facets like your abode, lineage, emotional tapestry, and security. Meanwhile, the Moon casts her glow on your career sphere. If caught at crossroad, home and family take precedence. This eclipse is the Full Moon of Moses (Passover) and Jesus (Last Supper), moments symbolizing liberation and transcendence. Note that Passover in 2024 witnesses a temporal shift due to lunar calendar nuances.

Aquarius | The Sun illuminates your intellect with innovative concepts and words, fostering growth in business and communication. The Moon amplifies your educational pursuits, philosophies, and could instigate travel, especially business-related. This eclipse corresponds Moses’ Passover and Jesus’ Last Supper – periods symbolic of emancipation and breaking free. Notably, 2024’s Passover encounters a monthlong delay due to lunar calendar intricacies.

Pisces | The Sun amplifies your financial sphere, talents, and capabilities, allowing you to dazzle brilliantly (akin to Aries’ gemstone, the diamond). The Moon, meanwhile, accentuates passions and intimacy. Opportunities may arise, but also potential conflicts between your aspirations and those of others loom large. This eclipse coincides with the Moses’ Passover Full Moon, and Jesus’ Last Supper – a period symbolic of freedom and transcendence. Note that Passover 2024 observance is postponed due to lunar calendar discrepancies.

WAYS TO PREPARE… The best way to work with the Moon is to follow her glow—like ducklings would trail their mama. Fourteen days after the New Moon, the Moon reaches her completion. This is the most emotional and potent period of the lunar cycle. Something has come to a completion, a resolution, or conclusion. If your wish has to do with releasing, letting go, or cutting out, then the Full Moon is the time to ritualize your wish by burning or burying something that represents what you wish to discard. You could try writing on one side of a piece of paper the reasons why you want or need your wish to come true, how your life could improve as well as how humanity could benefit from your success. On the other side of the page, write all the reasons why, until now, you couldn’t make this wish come true. Then burn the paper and throw the ashes into a water source (ocean, lake, river, or a bucket of water).

The Full Moon is also a time for practicing gratitude, meditation, and healing. There is a reason why Passover, the celebration of social and personal liberation takes place on the Full Moon as well as Wesak, the day the Buddha was born, died, and attained enlightenment.
As the Moon begins to shed her light, entering her waning stage, she will take the form of the letter C. Now begins the phase of ridding yourself of whatever hinders you in general or in connection to your wish. The waning moon is an opportune time to let go or dismiss someone out of your life or work, get rid of destructive attitudes, or embark on a detox journey.

A week after the Full Moon, the Lunar disk once again squares off with the Sun for the last time. This is the climax of your lunar journey—the showdown with your inner or outer antagonist. You might come across all forces—external and internal—that conspire to prevent you from manifesting your project. It is similar to the Buddha or Jesus’ three temptations before their moment of enlightenment. Be mindful that many quit just before the finish line.

A day before the next New Moon, if you chose the right wish and did all the work, you should experience a shift or change in your life, and you are ready to embark on the next lunar journey.

SIGNS THAT WILL FEEL IT THE MOST… Since the Moon is in Libra while the Sun in Aries, these two signs will feel it strongest and will be influenced by it. This lunation can be helpful for Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, and Aquarius. The signs that might have a harder time are Cancer and Capricorn.

JOURNALING PROMPT… My relationships with my self versus others. Libra is the sign of partnerships, diplomacy, and law as well as beauty. It is the sign of “We” while Aries is about “I” and represents leadership, liberation, and autonomy. So this eclipse will quicken issues around I versus You. Also, the Moon in Libra in the Tarot is the two of swords which means “Peace.” It is a great time for cardio, meditation, breathwork, and art.

TRY NOT TO… lose your mind!

IS MERCURY IN RETROGRADE AGAIN? Not…yet, but starting April’s Fool’s…

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