One Celeb Nutritionist’s Healthy Wedding Day Diet

It’s morning of. You look gorgeous in your dream gown, but you still have a million things on your mind. You’ve likely planned just about every detail of this moment — except for what to eat on your wedding day. To feel like the best version of yourself morning through night, the right nutrition is key.

Hardcore body chemistry nerd and holistic nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, has prepped many a celebrity client for their big day and she’s created the foolproof plan we’re sharing below. Pass it on to the bride-to-be in your life!

It’s important to eat right on your wedding day. No one wants to fight bloating, indigestion or gas on her big day! Be sure you don’t forget to eat! You might end up tipsier than you want. My sample wedding-day diet will help you feel calm, nourished and tight…

Breakfast: Fructose-free Smoothie

This liquid protein, fat and fiber-based meal is easy to digest and quickly balances blood sugar. My smoothie formula guarantees to nourish your body with what it needs while turning down hunger hormones, keeping you satisfied for hours and limiting excessive sugar. Why fructose-free? Fructose feeds gut bacteria that can contribute to bloat. Not to mention, fructose is metabolized in the liver and if you plan to drink alcohol it’s best to give your liver a break. Added fiber from chia or flax helps ensure you have a BM before you slip into your dress and slows the absorption of glucose to prevent a blood-sugar roller coaster.

Lunch: “Fab Four” omega-3-rich meal

Eat the “Fab Four” for lunch: protein, fat, fiber and greens. Nourishing your body with essential omega-3 fatty acids and protein prior to a night of drinking can help slow the absorption of ethanol into the circulatory system to avoid being a super tipsy bride. Choose a fatty fish like salmon over easy-to-digest greens like spinach or mixed greens, with ½ of an avocado and lemon juice or avocado oil for dressing. If you don’t like salmon, consider a cheese-free lettuce-wrapped bison burger with avocado. Either way, a high-protein high-fat lunch will keep your blood sugar balanced and help prevent a hangover.

4 key tips for feeling great:

Just One Cup of Coffee: Limit caffeine! When nerves and adrenaline are high, one comforting cup of coffee is enough. Instead, focus on hydrating with water throughout the morning while you get ready.

Take Your Enzymes: Take an enzyme supplement before your #bewellsmoothie and #bwbkfab4 lunch to support your body in breaking down the macronutrients in your meal and to help easily convert your food to energy. An added bonus: Taking enzymes can reduce bloating!

Drink Lemon Water: Hydrate with enzyme-rich water! Adding cucumber and/or lemon to your water will help your body to stay hydrated and encourage urination to prevent water retention and swelling on the day of your wedding and leading up.

Low-Sugar Cocktails: If you want to toast/drink alcohol while you are getting ready, consider low-sugar options such as vodka or silver tequila with double soda water instead of champagne.

Avoid Foods That Bloat: Steer clear of cheese, gluten and any white or empty carbohydrates for ten days before your wedding; all of these will make you bloat.

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