TCM Classics –This story about wedding wellness originally ran in 2017 but we loved it so much we decided to bring it back.

First comes love, then comes planning. And invites and caterers and dress shopping and more planning…

Breathe!  We know the big day comes with big decisions (lots of them). We also know that in high-stress times a little wellness wisdom can make a huge impact! We’ve asked a few of our favorite health pros to share their top tips for pre-wedding prep and, from simple fitness habits to a mindfulness practice to stay present, we think they nailed it.

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Hydrated + Destress

My best advice is to drink lots of water and get a good amount of sleep! Feeling rested and getting the appropriate hours of sleep will help you feel less stressed, assist your diet and keep your skin looking fabulous! I would also throw in an extra ten minutes of jump rope each day. Jump roping tones your entire body, especially your arms! Exercise also helps to reduce stress! Amanda Kloots, The Rope

Get Your Smoothie On

My girls do 21 to 30 days of double-smoothie days at some point around two to three months out from their wedding. I am actually getting Emmy Rossum ready for her wedding now and she is on my cleanse. It’s a fruit-free smoothie for breakfast and dinner, then fish and veggies with avocado/olive oil for lunch. Kelly LeVeque, Be Well by Kelly

Set Intentions

In creating a sacred space, setting intentions prior to your wedding day can inspire you to attune and be present with your wedding day experience. Referring back to your intentions the morning of your big day can support you in letting go of any expectations or stress that might come forward.

Setting intentions together can support you and your partner; avoid getting caught up in the details and the tendency to control the outcome of the day and others attending the wedding – especially family members. The practice of setting intentions can support “letting go” of the things that are blocking you or limiting beliefs that are keeping your intentions from manifesting. When we come from an authentic heartfelt place while we are setting intentions from this place within, we open ourselves, our higher self, to an authentic intention to manifest, versus one from our ego. We have to be willing to let go of what no longer serves us to manifest what is truly for our highest good. An example of an intention is, “I am gracefully finding myself ______.” And fill in the blank. Write it as if it is already happening (present time), while at the same time letting go of attachments to the outcome.

As a bride to be, it is an opportunity to stand more fully in the feminine self as you prepare to say “I do.” Connecting with your partner, coming together and writing out your living vision for the years to come can be a reference point to come back to when challenges arise. Paula Mallis, WMN Center

Detox Body + Mind

Detoxing is foundational to many regimens, and can range from simple daily practices to more intense (and periodic) interventions. Two of my favorite daily rituals are drinking a glass of warm water with lemon on an empty stomach in the mornings, and oil pulling. The ayurvedic procedure of oil pulling involves cleansing the mouth with virgin coconut or sesame oil. Simply take 10 ml of oil, swish it inside the mouth for about 20 minutes and spit out. Rinse well with warm water. This ritual removes toxins from the body, eliminates bad breath and naturally whitens teeth.

For a serious abdominal cleanse try ayurvedic favorites like senna, prunes, bran, dandelion root, psyllium seeds and flaxseed husk – to cleanse the body and blood, and eliminate them through the bowel pathways.

Detoxing isn’t just physical, either. Repressed emotions are the seat of physical imbalance and disease, which is why managing your stress is also a crucial part of ayurvedic wedding preparation. Stress will wreak havoc on your skin, weight and poor fiancé leading up to the wedding. Approach stress management head on with the practice of meditation, eating right and the use of topicals such as the right essential oils. For an extra therapeutic boost, try Uma’s Pure Calm Wellness oil, which integrates all nine essential oils in an age-old formula that promotes physical and mental peace. Shrankhla Holecek , Uma Oils

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