Our gal Susan Yara over at Glamour and Mixed Makeup is solving the mystery that apparently puzzles millions: what kind of salads are the Kardashians always eating at home on their show?

Almost every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians includes scenes of the famous sisters lounging at home, inevitably, chowing down on unidentifiable to-go containers filled with the mystery salads everyone wants to know about. Fashion and family drama aside, it turns out that one of the most frequently Googled topics about the Kardashian family has to do with these salads! Considering the sisters’ famous physiques, perhaps it shouldn’t be such a shock, but nonetheless, we never guessed that the Kardashian’s salads were viewers most burning question!

Watch the video above as the Mixed Makeup girls get to the bottom of the whole mystery, visiting the Calabasas restaurant at the center of the world’s interest! 

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