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CELLULAR DAMAGE from oxidative stress and free radicals is an inevitable by-product of chronic conditions of modern times. It can result from unbalanced diets, emotional stressors and environmental toxins in the form of water, food or air pollutants. Enter Flor-Essence: a preventative herbal formula that can be used to help the body remove cellular damage caused by oxidative stress. This daily deep tissue detox, taken in the form of a soothing tea, is a simple, long-term preventative solution that can reduce and protect against cellular damage and reduce anti-aging effects.* But first, let’s break down what cellular health and oxidative stress is really about.

Cellular damage and oxidative stress are root issues behind toxic build-up in the body, the leading cause of all chronic disease and premature aging according to wellness experts like Dr. Amy Shah. These two culprits throw their weight around on the daily, wreaking havoc and causing inflammation, decreased cognitive function and neuro-degeneration. Numerous medical studies link oxidative stress with serious progressive diseases. Getting a handle on managing them is a key piece of the optimal health puzzle.

Why We Need A Daily Detox

Flor-Essence is a traditional herbal formula that can assist our bodies healing process by gently cleansing the body of harmful wastes and toxins.* In turn, cells and organs are invigorated which can enhance optimal energy, the ever-elusive energy—that vital life force we always seem to be chasing, craving and coveting. Dr. Amy Shah, a double-certified MD and wellness expert, swears by Flor-Essence. She uses the tea daily in her routine, just like taking a daily vitamin. Dr. Shah notes how it supports our body’s own detoxification system, moving things along in the liver and kidneys.* Think of it as a gentle work-out to strengthen our own inner detox system.

How Herbal Remedies Fight Cellular Damage

Here are Flor-Essence’s 8 carefully sourced therapeutic herbs that comprise its winning cellular damage fighting formula,

BURDOCK ROOT | Stimulates liver function. A cleansing antioxidant with diuretic actions. Helpful in the treatment of skin conditions.*

Sheep sorrel | Used as a diuretic and laxative, it cleanses the bowels. It is also a bile stimulant and is extremely nutrient-rich.*

Slippery elm bark | Soothing to mucous membranes. Helps remove phlegm, mucus and other matter from the respiratory tract. It is also nourishing and soothing to the stomach and urinary system.*

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Blessed thistle | Improves digestion and is used as a digestive tonic and diaphoretic to support skin detoxification. Blessed thistle stimulates saliva, bile, gastric juices and bowel motility for proper digestion and elimination.*

Watercress | An antioxidant and mineralizer, is traditionally used for its detoxifying and restorative properties.* Watercress is known for being a diuretic, plus it contains vitamins A, B6 and C and is rich in iron, copper, calcium, manganese and carotenes.

Red clover | A blood cleansing herb that helps with muscle spasms and removal of wastes from the body. It is also used for expelling phlegm and mucus from the respiratory tract.*

Turkish rhubarb root | Stimulates digestion and provides detoxification support to the digestive system, colon, liver and blood. It also helps to normalize the functions and tissues of the body and improves digestion.

Kelp | A mineral-rich seaweed that promotes healthy bowels. Kelp also contains more than two dozen important minerals as well as proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids. 

The heritage of traditional European herbal remedies:

A member of the Flora family of products, this mild, daily deep tissue detox is just what our bodies are crying for: A straight shot to the cellular level targeting cell damage. Bullseye. We’re also crushing on Flor-Essence for its synergistic purity, approachability and user-friendliness—simply add a few ounces to warm water and sip like a tea. A simple classic. 

The entire Flora product line is built upon a heritage of traditional European herbal remedies. While the rest of us are just getting hip to this whole cellular health thing, Flora has been fighting the good fight with traditional indigenous medicine since the nineties. In other words, they’ve been ruling the space way before there were even sites like us to call it a space.

Here are a few facts about this unique plant-based solution:

+ Supports healthy digestion and elimination without any harsh laxative effects. 

+ Complete a whole-body cleanse (traditional/weight loss).*

+ Is a Keto-diet uric acid relief/detox.

+ Offers intermittent fasting support.

+ Preclinical studies with Flor-Essence by the Russian Ministry of Health have documented immuno-stimulatory, adaptogenic, gastro-protective, hepato-protective and anti-inflammatory activities.

+ Detailed phytochemical analyses have shown that a wide variety of phytonutrients, including many different types of polyphenols, contribute to Flor-Essence’s overall effects.

+ These phytonutrients include 43 phenolic marker compounds that can provide signs of quality and standardization from batch to batch.

+ Flor-Essence has been on the market for more than 27 years with over 4 million bottles consumed worldwide in over 25 countries.

+ Is safe and effective for animals as well.

+ Certified Kosher, organic, non-GMO and vegan.

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