amazon spheres in seattle washington

Your desk plant is cute, but it ain’t no rain forest. Amazon just opened the coolest office ever. The new rain forest-filled HQ in Seattle is aptly named ‘The Spheres’ and in addition to being a functional office space it’s also home to more than 40,000 plants from the cloud forest regions of over 30 countries.

The Amazon Spheres are an innovative space designed for people to think and work surrounded by plants, based on the idea that nature helps us function better. That’s why amid conference rooms and desks you’ll find floor to ceiling biodiverse wall gardens, bushes and trees galore, and yes, a literal rain forest.

We love the idea of finding holistic and natural ways to boost a sense of community and nurture productivity and innovation. Are plants the secret ingredient for it? We can only hope more companies start testing out the theory. In the meantime, stock up on your own collection of office plants, learn how to take care of them, and check out The Amazon Spheres here on Instagram.

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