Cheaper than a statement coat and more comfortable than stilettos, a boldly colored lip is our favorite accessory every spring.

Green celebrity makeup artist, Katey Denno, has been known to send her A-list clients out onto the red carpet with a show-stealing bold lip by layering lip products that last. Her latest YouTube tutorial walks us through her fool-proof (and totally non-toxic) technique for lips that look sharp, but pouty – and stay put.step 1: BITE BEAUTY Line and Define Lip Primer | This moisturizing lip primer instantly preps your canvas for lip color that lasts and doesn’t feather. Resveratrol, jojoba oil, and argan oil condition and nourish lips to perfection. CHECK OUT
step 2: BITE BEAUTY Beetroot Lipstick |We’re obsessed with this color for spring. Made in small batches from fresh pressed fruit and edible oils that deliver vitamins and nutrients, it’s as good for you as it is gorgeous. CHECK OUT
step 3: BITE BEAUTY 100 Lipliner | Lightweight but trustworthy for full-coverage, this shea butter-based lip liner ensures your lip color goes exactly where you want it to – and no where else. CHECK OUT
step 4: Au Naturale Ravish Gloss | This moisture-locking gloss is ideal for daily use. The color is right but not too shocking, the texture is glossy but not sticky or tacky. Best of all, the ingredient list is non-toxic and nourishing. CHECK OUT

Watch Katey teach us how to fake a falwless ‘vacation face’
for any season with this video tutorial.


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