On the whole, the American workforce has been signaling that they’d like to continue working from home for the foreseeable future. Skipping long commutes, creating flexible routines, and eating out of our own kitchens’ these are benefits few of us looking to give up quickly.

That said, the work from home environment presents a new set of challenges. We’ve handpicked these eleven desk and office accessories to add functionality, ease, order, and beauty to your space in a way we hope elevates your everyday. Find something that works for you!

13 Smart Essentials For The Ultimate WFH Office

The MAG:2 by Courant | I’m a huge fan of Courant as a brand. Their cordless charging trays in Belgian linen or leather are a beautiful way to keep your home streamlined in an elevated way. Launched just this month, the brand’s new Mag:2 phone charging stand is pretty, compact and functional. Charge your phone, interact with it, and take Zoom calls, all while keeping your smartphone perched on this gorgeous stand that comes in several chic linen or leather shades.

Graf Lantz Wool + Felt Catchall  I’m not going to pretend I’m not addicted to using trays as organizational tool. There are ceramics trays on my vanity, leather trays I’ve forced into my husband’s office, and these stackable leather and wool catchalls on my desk currently. Trays turn an annoying pile of clutter into a curation of necessary essentials. It’s a small change that gives me an inordinate amount of satisfaction.

Add ambient light to your workspace to create a defined sense of space. While you’re at it, choose a lamp that adds style whether on or off. Put Schoolhouse’s utilitarian chic to good use with their Arbor Table Lamp by Schoolhouse or add drama with this Midcentury mushroom style Nanu Black Table Lamp

Cord Wrap Set by Leatherology | When I tell you the thrill that these small leather organizers give me. Just like the leather trays and phone stands on this list, these simple leather cord wraps will add just a hint of style to that annoying tangle of headphones or USB cables on your desk.

Things to do cards | Leatherology also makes these vintage-esque notecards. No matter how organized you are digitally, it’s always helpful to have notecards for hand-written details, lists and reminders.

Add personal warmth | Yes, you’re home, but don’t forget to add some intentional warmth to your workspace too. If you carved out a temporary workspace during the pandemic, make time now to make your space more meaningful.

An artful planter like this Minka Textured Pot lets you build in the benefits of houseplants around your desk. Try keeping a favorite book, book or poetry or deck like The Untamed Elemental around for short bursts of inspiration between calls and emails.

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Inspire your senses | We spend hours in front of our computers, why not make it the best possible experience it can be? Think of all five senses when you prepare your space — smell included. This especially beautiful Green Tea Diffuser Set by Floraiku uses a woven rattan arch to diffuse a range of oils — and I’m obsessed.

The gold standard of beautiful home diffusers, Vitruvi’s Terracotta Stone Essential Oil Diffuser is also a great choice for the office. Some biohackers swear that forest-like essential oils are especially healthy to diffuse in the AM for a balanced mood.

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desk snacksKeep a stash of healthy snacks | You may not be navigating the challenges of a corporate kitchen or be tempted to eat out quite as much, but eating well while working from home still requires smart planning.

I’m often tempted to work through lunch or have a second cup of coffee, but a dose of mid-day protein is crucial for energy, brain health our metabolism, and to avoid overeating in the evening. Keep a stash of health protein at arm’s length. Three reliable favorites include Elemental Superfood SeedBars, Cattaneo Bros. beef sticks and jerky, and BTR Superfood Keto Protein Bars.

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