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We’ve been diving deep on “clean beauty” with you for nearly a decade. As more of us educate ourselves, more brands and retailers feel the push to change their formulas and stock non-toxic brands. We won’t stop until every reader is as creeped out as we are that their skincare routine, perfume or children’s shampoo could actually be un-clean or toxic.

It’s a bummer that we need to self-monitor toxic ingredients in our products at all, as they shouldn’t be anywhere near our serum or lipstick to begin with. But, until the U.S. bans a wider array of known carcinogens and other dangerous ingredients from shelves (as the EU, Japan and many other countries have done), each of us has to continue educating ourselves, reading labels and shopping carefully.

One area of the beauty industry that is leading the way in clean beauty is the world of luxury spas — and our team has had the privilege of visiting some of the best.

Last summer, I visited the spa while staying at one of my favorite hotels in the city, the West Hollywood EDITION. I noticed that their spa menu was as on-trend as the room service menu with wellness keywords galore:

A gua sha facial. Full body LED therapy. CBD skin treatments. A microcurrent add-on for facials. A backbar of clean brands like Odacite and Osea. And a Hyper Volt add-on for massage (which I’m sorry I didn’t try).

Here they were, half the trends on our homepage, right on the menu. I loved seeing all of this at one of L.A.’s most exclusive properties, and I’ll tell you why: nothing will convert someone into a wellness devotee faster than a luxurious spa experience they can’t get over. (Especially if they’re on vacation.)

LA edition spa sauna and steam room

The Spa at the West Hollywood EDITION

Someone who may not be willing to read a stack of articles on toxic ingredients or invest in LED therapy at home, may just stumble and fall head-over-heels for holistic health after a gua sha facial or CBD rub down.

The very idea of a great spa like the one at The EDITION is luxury. Once a practitioner begins to tie your sense of luxury and self-care to their use of organic face oil and CBD, it’s easy to melt into the idea that clean products are inextricably linked to our well-being.

While the world of beauty may seem frivolous to some, perhaps it’s all the froth that make it such an easy entry point to clean living. Once you read the back of a few shampoo bottles, it’s a short hop to reading food labels, shopping safer home goods and so on.

The beauty industry’s influence on our culture’s changing ideas about wellness and clean living cannot be underestimated. The rising popularity of cleaner products is having an impact on consumer behavior that will far outlast any other trend of the moment — laminated brows and overdrawn lips included.

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