Recognize anyone below? We’re profiling four friend personality types we know well. They’re all into health and wellness, but each in their own special way.

We thought this video from Bulletproof was two parts funny, one part terrifying since we see our obsession with Sun Potion and Philosophie mirrored in this actor’s eyes.

Tag your weird wellness friends in the comments below and enjoy this hilarious video from Dave & Alexia Comedy.

The Fixated: This friend is super wellnessy, but only in one area. Trains hard at cross-fit, but not sure what bok choy looks like. Has an edible home garden, but has never heard of Gabrielle Bernstein. Or spins harder than all your other friends, but regularly drinks caramel frappes for lunch and doesn’t own a juicer.

The Trend stalker: Doesn’t meditate, but owns every top brand of yoga wear. Highly motivated, but also lives for celeb news. Used to live for Lululemon. Now wears thirty styles of printed leggings. Has been to every studio in the city, doesn’t belong to any of them. Drinks Pressed Juicery. Owns a water diffuser bottle. Has done Kayla Itsines‘ bikini body guide twice.

The clueless: Wants to know if rosé contains vitamins. Still counts a night of dancing as exercise. Orders In N Out protein style, feels refreshed. Just learning about the health benefits of kale.

The Hippie Dippie: Your healthiest friend. Burns incense religiously, ferments her own condiments. Great skin, questionable wardrobe. Sleeps well, does yoga at home, drinks lots of herbal tea. Always has fascinating things in her medicine cabinet. Would order nothing before asking the waiter to adjust the menu for her.

The Obsessed: This includes most of Team TCM. Breaks a sweat previewing new designer fitnesswear launches. All but chugs new bottles of trending smoothie ingredients. Thinks certain gut health specialists are celebrities. Super familiar with adaptogenic herbs. Relates to this video too much.

We all know one. Which wellness personality type are you? Tag your hippie roommate and trend stalking bestie below…


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