If you can live well in Las Vegas, you can live well anywhere. As Pressed Juicery opens door to its first juice shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re talking about how we do in the other city that never sleeps. 

Not that we’re bottle-service averse or opposed to spending a good couple hours rolling the dice, but in keeping with the lifestyle we promote here on TCM, we recently spent a weekend in Vegas with wellness in mind…and we have to say, we think we pulled it off. Whether you follow our lead from morning ’til night or just pick up a few hints on how to squeeze in wellness between rounds, here is our day in Vegas, Chalkboard-style. It all starts with setting up your home base inside the super-glam Aria Resort & Casino.

Stay Luxe

For some, time spent in Vegas means never seeing the inside of your room for more than a nap or two. To us, half of a great stay in Vegas entails the right kind of room – luxurious, great service, and a killer view. Towering over the strip, our room at the Aria gave us exactly the “city of lights” view we were looking for with all the amenities and automated functions we wanted for that glam Vegas vibe. 
As one of the newest luxury properties on The Strip, Aria is the place to be. Between our classic suite, the resort’s restaurants and spa, Pressed Juicery, Cirque de Soleil and their three pools, we barely left the property for the entire weekend!

Stay Chill

Vegas makes for an amazing spa weekend. We spent more time inside the sprawling Aria spa than just about anyplace else during our stay. Something about being out in the desert makes us ready more than ever to languish in treatment rooms. The spa at the Aria is a maze of salt rock rooms, stone beds, a sauna, steam room, spa pools of varying temperatures, and an outdoor pool. As every girl can appreciate from time to time, the outdoor pool actually overlooks the Liquid Pool Lounge. After our soaks, we drank umpteen cups of herbal tea and sat by the balcony pool enjoying the DJ, the sun, and the people-watching without any male attention! Heavenly. 

Stay Fit

We know hitting the gym while staying at a hotel is not always ideal. But truth be told, we booked our rooms at the Aria for their state-of-the-art fitness center! Flooded with light, filled with the most top-notch equipment, and cozied up next to their spa and a sprawling private lounge, we were in pure wellness heaven in this space. If you’re looking to stay balanced and in-shape while in Vegas, this is the way to do it. Burn a few calories in the morning before hitting the pool cabana or after a long night to sweat yourself back into gear!

Stay Green

Pressed Juicery’s shop inside the Aria is an absolute game changer. Spend the day hydrating and nourishing before long dinners and long nights or just grab Coconut H2Os before hitting the pool. We drank our body weight in fresh juices while lounging at the spa and balanced out our big dinners with plenty of greens. We skipped a full breakfast most mornings and instead picked up green juices, bars and greens-filled Brazil nut milk on our way to the gym. We can’t think of a more fitting time for a Greens 3 than after waking up in Vegas.

Stay Nourished

Sage inside the Aria is an inventive farm-to-table hotspot not unlike what we find in LA, but with just a little more viva. Head in for dinner after eight and enjoy of-the-moment dishes before a show at Cirque de Soleil (also inside the Aria).
We were also swooning over Bardot, a French-inspired bistro lined entirely in dark wood that feels continents apart from the Vegas Strip: champagne carts, a brass bar, giant ice-filled urns, and a whole lot of class. Splurge on oysters and champagne before heading out for the evening, or try a cocktail made with TCM fave Art In The Age spirits. 

Stay Well

The true struggle in Vegas, of course, is about living well the next morning. Our remedy? Load up on Pressed Juicery green juices, chlorophyll, aloe, and spicy lemon waters the night before. Keep them on hand for first thing in the morning.
On the way to the pool, keep those sunnies on, stop for ginger and turmeric shots to squelch sour tummies and general inflammation, and start pounding the Watermelon Mints and Citrus 1s.  

Viva Las Vegas! We’re thrilled to have Pressed Juicery available in the City of Lights. Did we leave anything out? Where are you getting well while in Vegas? 

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