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Meet the new Chalkboard Mag App! We’re just as addicted to our phones and tablets as you are. And even though we all need to exercise a little restraint with the whole eyes-glued-to-screen condition we’re in most of the day, we also know just how useful it can be to have great information at the ready, no matter where you are. Someone coughing next to you at the airport? Search us for immunity tips (we’re all about ginger, garlic and vitamin C). At the grocery store and totally stumped? Hop on the App for our clean shopping ideas from gluten-free staples and expert eats to easy recipes. Stuck in the worst meeting ever? I mean…you didn’t hear it from us, but you could pop on and peruse the latest.

We’re so excited to release our new app and hope you find it just as useful as we have this week. Let us know your thoughts, feedback, wishes and loves – we want to hear from you! You’ll find everything you’re used to enjoying on TCM stuffed into the tiny new platform: streamlined, simple, stylish wellness content that’ll teach you something every day and inspire you in the process. The app is easy-to-use, has a killer design, and is ready for you Chalkboarders to dive headfirst into all the beauty ideas, healthy recipes, wellness tips and expert insights you love. Here’s how to download your new favorite app…

Get the The Chalkboard Mag App

What It Is:

Read The Chalkboard on your phone or tablet all the time? Us too! We love reading TCM as is, but our new app makes the whole living well experience even better! Download the app to your phone or tablet and enjoy The Chalkboard in a stream-lined format for on-the-go. 

Download Now!

The Chalkboard Mag App is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later and is free to download in the iTunes store by clicking here!

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