what to do with pomegranate chocolate cake

We are being happily seduced  into the autumn season. An abundance of pomegranates is one of our favorite signs that the season has come. Those beautiful, yet complex fruits with their scarlet red stained color never cease to excite us with culinary ideas and the countless ways in which to use them.

Fortunately for us, pomegranates are as rich in nutrients as they are in taste and color, fighting for the top spot on the ORAC scale as one of the foods most concentrated in antioxidants.

Pomegranates have historically been used as a heart tonic and blood builder, but it is their polyphenol content that makes this fruit so seductive.

Polyphenols are turning heads in the research world, generating new expectations for improvements in health. But all this buzz isn’t just about antioxidants: polyphenols boost the ability to reduce inflammation, protect against heart disease, normalize blood pressure and prevent prostate cancer. Not too shabby for such a delicious fruit!

Sprinkle Pomegranate Arils on Desserts | (Shown above) This chocolate cake from our cooking class with Botanica is topped with a sprinkle of arils for a healthy, festive touch you could pull off with almost any baked good. Get the Recipe
Make a Tonic | Everyday, gut health pro, Donna Gates makes this simple tonic made with water kefir — a fermented drink similar to kombucha — and red juice like pomegranate or tart cherry. Here’s Why

Top a salad | Have a salad recipe that’s boring, but workable? Add a handful of pomegranate seeds to the top for beauty, that sweet and sour flavor and a pop of excitement. Try the Recipe

arugula salad with fennel and pomegranates

Make Ottollenghi’s Cauliflower Salad | No Ottolenghi recipe ever fails. This delicious side dish is absolutely incredible and, of course, topped with pomegranate. Try the Recipe

Put them on pancakes | Skip chocolate chips and pop some beautiful pomegranate arils on top of our weekend pancake stack. Try the Recipe

White cake stand with a tall stack of pancakes with chocolate syrup on top

Add them to tacos | You’ll just have to trust us on this and give it a try. Pomegranate arils with lime over fresh fish tacos are absolutely incredible. Try the Recipe

Make Pomegranate Chocolates | Want a double dose of polyphenols? Make these simple, freezer chocolates spiked with pomegranate seeds. Pretty, unexpected and pretty much addictive. Try the Recipe 

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