Superfood Spotlight: Watercress

Superfood Spotlight on:Watercress

What You Should Know: Watercress is a versatile little plant that can be grown in almost any edible garden, but is usually found growing near – or even in – small ponds and streams. Watercress may look like a sweet and unassuming little weed, but there are two reasons that this leafy green should not be overlooked. Firstly, watercress is one of the richest sources of nutrition in the world. That alone should have us at hello, but, secondly, watercress packs a deliciously spicy punch you may not expect – in fact, be forewarned: just learning about these health benefits may tempt you to dig in to a giant watercress salad – which could leave you surprised and teary-eyed! This is no innocent salad green. Watercress pack a powerful punch of nutrition and a spicy flavor like you wouldn’t believe!

Why You Should Use It: Watercress, like many leafy greens, is one of the most intensely nutritious foods you can put in your body. Rich in a whole host of bio-available minerals and vitamins K, A, C and B, watercress has as much or more calcium as milk, as much vitamin C as an orange and more bio-available iron than spinach – this is definitely a green superfood that can hang with the rest! The spicy flavor of watercress comes from a unique mustard oil in the plant with well-known anti-cancer properties and, most notably, these greens are found to powerfully protect our DNA. Harmful behaviors like smoking and even healthy habits like going for a hard workout can cause damage to our DNA. Numerous well-known studies have shown that a diet rich in watercress can provide profound protection against DNA damage, especially for high-intensity athletes and those who smoke.

Let’s Get Together: Watercress makes a great garnish for clean-flavored dishes like grilled ahi tuna or swordfish steaks and is classically used to fill sandwiches for high tea, but we love to double-down and drink the green superfood as often as possible in Pressed Juicery’s Greens 4.

Greens 4 is the spicy bottle in Pressed Juicery’s line up of popular green juice flavors. Like a virgin bloody mary, Greens 4 is a spicy green blend of watercress, lemon and cayenne with cooling cucumber and celery for a balanced flavor. Try a Greens 4 before or after your next big workout to provide your body with rich nutrition and protection against DNA damage. If you’re a smoker, consider quitting, then stock the fridge with a few of these!

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