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Last week we challenged you to heat up that oven, throw on your best apron and whip up a citrus-filled recipe in our very first reader recipe contest! In celebration of Pressed Juicery’s newest seasonal flavor, Blood Orange-Kumquat, we asked readers to create an original citrus recipe to share with us. The grand prize? Their recipe published on The Chalkboard Mag and a bevy of delicious Pressed Juicery juices for their very own!

We’ve chosen our top 5 contenders, and now it’s up to you, readers! Make your vote count and help us to select the winning dish. The recipe with the most reader votes will be published on The Chalkboard Mag Monday, March 10th!

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Vote now: this poll closes Sunday, March 9th at 11 P.M. PST. Which recipe are you drooling over? We want to know! We’re dying over these glazed donuts, simple grapfruits, herb-spiked salad, whiskey macarons and to-die-for hand pies! How will we ever decide? Vote and then let your friends, followers and Instagram buds know to cast their votes too – orange you glad we’re sharing the winning recipe?

*Note: If you are having trouble viewing the poll, make sure that cookies are enabled on your browser in order to cast your vote.


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  1. So exciting! I’m looking forward to the winning recipe!

    Aimee | 03.04.2014 | Reply
  2. sounds just delicious!

    Patricia | 03.04.2014 | Reply
    • Heads up – they are all divine! Be sure to vote for which one you’d like to try, Patricia!

      The Chalkboard | 03.04.2014 | Reply
  3. My mouth instantly watered as I gazed at this breakfast treat

    Jose | 03.04.2014 | Reply
  4. I can’t find the poll. I just see the results of the votes but i can’t participate myself… Well, I’m voting for whiskey Macarons! (The Old Fashion Macaron by Bakecetera) in my thoughts anyway 🙂

    Johaanna | 03.04.2014 | Reply
    • Hi Johaanna – we’re on it! Check back later today…

      The Chalkboard | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  5. I can’t vote either. There is no place I see to vote. My vote goes to the pie 🙂

    Andrew | 03.04.2014 | Reply
    • Hi Andrew, we’re on it…check back later today!

      The Chalkboard | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  6. My vote goes to the hand pies from farm on plate!

    Mallory @ Because I Like Chocolate | 03.04.2014 | Reply
  7. My vote goes to Orange Marmalade Breakfast Hand Pies by Farm On Plate 🙂

  8. Several people have told me they don’t see the selectable bubbles to vote on their browsers, especially on mobile devices.

    Elana Dweck | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  9. My vote goes to the Orange Marmalade hand pies too – cannot seem to vote anywhere so hope this helps

    Shashi @ http://runninsrilankan.com | 03.05.2014 | Reply
    • Thanks, Shashi! We’re on it…check back later today!

      The Chalkboard | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  10. vote for Orange Marmalade hand pies

    Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  11. hi! is the contest poll not working again? thanks for your help : )

    • Hi Tae! We’re on it…will be fixed shortly!

      The Chalkboard | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  12. Lemon Thyme baked donuts sound like the best of the list! Yum!
    Jackie M

    Jackie M | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  13. Lemon Thyme donuts make my mouth water at the thought, how can I get a dozen?

    Bob A | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  14. My vote (which won’t go through) is for melangeries citrus olive and marjoram salad. What a wonderful combination.

  15. Sounds yummy… Lemon Thyme Baked Donuts.

    Lisa | 03.05.2014 | Reply
  16. I vote for lemon thyme donut. Mmmm

    Joyce | 03.06.2014 | Reply
  17. I vote for the Lemon Thyme Donuts…..Can’t find any other place to vote.

    Gail | 03.06.2014 | Reply
  18. The broiled grapefruit is amazing! so different and delicious!

    Heather | 03.06.2014 | Reply
  19. The hand pies look interesting if you could offer a gluten free version. Honestly, not super psyched about any of them 🙁

    Lindsey | 03.06.2014 | Reply
  20. I’d like two donuts and a double latte to go…

    C. Curtis | 03.06.2014 | Reply
  21. lemon thyme donuts please!!

    Jeff | 03.08.2014 | Reply
  22. The lemon thyme donuts sound amazing!!

    Christina | 03.09.2014 | Reply
  23. Putting my vote towards the donuts! Sounds delicious!

    Heather | 03.09.2014 | Reply
  24. A baked alternative to doughnuts would be amazing. My vote is with lemon thyme! (I’m also not able to use voting buttons on my Mac computer so please count my vote!)

    Tiffani B | 03.09.2014 | Reply
  25. Lemon Thyme Doughnuts sounds delightful! Urbs and Spices has my vote!

  26. Lemon thyme donuts for sure sounds divine! I will take a dozen please.

    Arlene | 03.09.2014 | Reply
  27. I have been trying to vote for Orange Marmalade Breakfast Hand Pies for last 3 days, and website was not taking my response on the vote. I hope that recipe wins, it is amazing ….I cooked the pie myself to try it.

    Deepak | 03.10.2014 | Reply

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