Garance Dore

There’s something different about Garance Dore. From her fashion illustrations to her now-famed blog, Atelier Dore, everything she touches drips in cool sophistication, as only a French woman could achieve.

We’ve long been fans of Garance’s signature fashion illustrations. Her art has appeared in the pages of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, GQ and Elle, to name a few, making her a perfect fit for our TCM x Vogue series. Garance and Atelier Dore celebrate partnerships with the most prestigious names in high-fashion, and maintain an understated artful realness that’s rare to find in fashion editorial.

Like her work, Garance’s approach to wellness is deliciously slow, highly-intentional and suffused with a fundamental Frenchness we love – even as a recent L.A. transplant.

We asked Garance to join our summer series spotlighting the intersection of fashion and wellness — get a glimpse into le monde de Garance below…

This season in 3 words:

Bright, light, happy.

My uniform this season:

Healthy recipe I rely on lately:

Simple! Grain bowl salad I make with whatever I bought at the market (I love arugula, radishes and a very good olive oil) and avocado toast.

Always in my fridge:

Mint. I’m trying to quit caffeine and I’ve had a real passion for mint since I was a kid. Fresh mint tea is the best.

3 daily wellness habits:

Checking in with myself is the best one. How is my energy? How is my heart rate after eating that food? How do I feel when I’m with that person? Not my brain, my body. I’ve never been very connected with my body or my soul, so I am making a conscious effort to let that become a second nature. It’s huge and life changing.

Drinking a lot of water.

Doing one thing at a time. That might be the hardest one, but if I’m not careful I end up, through email, Skype, text and phone, talking to ten people at the same time while working. Finding focus is hard today, but I want to be present with what I am doing.

To stay healthy on the run I…

Use my wifi! I do online yoga classes and I love meditation apps.

Natural beauty tip:

As much as I love natural oils (I love them) I think we’re not educated enough about their effects. A lot of them are photosensitive and will leave dark spots on your skin if you wear them in the sun. I am very into natural beauty, because I believe nature is super potent, but it also means we have to educate ourselves.

Always in my day bag:

Sunscreen. Always!!!

Health habit that changed my life:

The less sugar I eat, the better I feel. But it takes years for me to create a habit, so I’m going veeeeery slow at this. I already removed it from breakfast, and it was a huge deal for me, since I’m French and tartines with jam is a tradition.

Workout I love:

I always get back to yoga – but I also love Pilates, and anything that feels like play: tennis, surfing (I’m an eternal beginner but crashing in waves is totally a workout!) and snowboarding. I also bike everywhere here in Venice and I love walking.

On my bookshelf:

Too many self-development books lately. It always happens when my life changes (I just moved to LA + more things). I’m trying to shift my perspective. One author I really love and will probably interview for my podcast, Pardon My French, is Dr. Christiane Northrup. She talks about women and women’s bodies like nobody else and I really needed to hear what she says.

Recent inspirations:

There is something I really love about the show Glow, on Netflix. I guess it’s the underlying tenderness of the people on the show, even if they’re weird (or even assholes) on the outside. It corresponds to my vision of life and makes me happy to watch.

Cause that’s closest to my heart:

Education has always been close to my heart. With Atelier Doré, we’re working on a program to help kids have access and show them how content is created. A few of their stories are going to be published on the site! I love helping people find their voice.

My current mantra:


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