The Vitamin E Latte: Should You Be Eating “Tocos” Every Day?

Is it weird to fan-girl over a superfood? Because each time one of Sun Potion’s “transformational foods” arrives on our desks, we go a little nuts.

One superfood we love from the brand is the vitamin E-rich rice bran powder, lovingly nick-named “tocos” — short for tocotrienols. Forget the fact that it legitimately tastes like vanilla ice cream, this superfood, made from the bran of organically grown brown rice, is famous for being a super rich source of fat-soluble, bio-available vitamins D and E and stellar for connective tissue, skin, and healthy muscle function. And since it’s flying off shelves at one of our favorite New York haunts, CAP Beauty, we asked co-founder Kerrilynn Pamer to give us the scoop on the superfood that’s created a fan following…

We simply can’t get enough of all things Sun Potion and tocos might just lead the way in our long list of favorites. We drink it in our house elixir throughout the day and when we’ve reached maximum capacity on drinks, we apply it topically to our skin to make a nutritious and healing mask. This rice bran soluble is a powerhouse food that is loaded with vitamins D & E and tastes a bit like vanilla astronaut ice cream (remember that, children of the ’70s?). It’s a perfect addition to your coffee – or you can make our CAP Beauty Elixir that combines the power of Tocos, He Shou Wu and coconut butter for a delicious and high-vibe drink that your skin will thank you for.

CAP Beauty’s Vitamin E Latte


1/4 tsp He Shou Wu
1 Tbsp coconut butter
1 Tbsp Tocos
1 cup almond milk, coconut water or purified water


We like to make a ritual out of our drink preparation, so pull out your favorite spoon and mug. Heat up your liquid to just shy of boiling, let it cool a little (the herbs don’t like boiling water) and pour over other ingredients. Then add to Vitamix, give it some love and you have a gorgeous latte that supports healthy skin and makes you feel great.

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  1. I’ve made this with both coconut oil and coconut butter (I had to go out and buy the latter). Maybe it’s the coconut butter I bought but I actually think I prefer it with coconut oil, the butter seems to have the tiniest bits of shredded coconut in it and I find myself chewing through each sip. I also used 1/4 tsp goji berry powder instead of the He Shou Wu as I don’t have any on hand. This makes for one delicious drink!

    Kate | 02.21.2016 | Reply

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