Get ready to start your new year on the right foot – literally! If you’re anything like us, finding that elusive thing called balance is high up on your New Year’s Resolution list. To help us out, our pals at YogaWorks created this quick, do-anywhere yoga flow targeting your body-aligning core. This five-minute routine, led by yoga pro David Kim, will increase your overall strength, improve your posture, and help to protect your spine from anything that might throw you off-kilter. (Bonus: By the end of this sequence, your abs will be on fire!)

Not a bona fide yogi yet? Not a problem! This quickie sequence is filled with modifications for any and all levels of experience. And as an added bonus, we’ve teamed with YogaWorks’s online studio, MyYogaWorks.com, to help jump-start your practice: when you subscribe to MYW using our exclusive YogaWorks promo code, you’ll receive an entire month for free. Here’s what you need to know…

The Chalkboard + My YogaWorks Promo Code

What is it?

One free month when you subscribe to MyYogaWorks, our go-to yoga studio on the web.

How to get it:

Enter promo code MYWCHALK at checkout to receive your free month of twists, balances, and meditation to boot! March 31, 2014.

*Credit card required to sign up. Credit card is not charged until free trial period ends. Cancel at any time.

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