Liver 3
  • Liver 3
  • Gallbladder 21
  • Large Intestine 4

Vicky Vlachonis is changing the way we look at our own aches and pains. As an osteopath, Vicky helps her patients understand the deep connections between emotional pain and physical pain. If that intrigues you as much as it intrigues as, check out her book, The Body Doesn’t Lie. Our whole team has read it cover-to-cover.

We’re featuring Vicky’s expertise regularly. She always has something enlightening to share and, with a client list that includes some of the healthiest bodies in Hollywood, we’re paying close attention. Here’s Vicky…

As the summer comes to a close, we can be tempted into attending several last hurrah celebrations. The two best cures for overindulgence are always extra water and sleep – but you can also do a few quick trigger points to tap into your body’s innate detox mechanisms. I like these three self-healing trigger points because they are easy to do, give nearly immediate results, and can ease multiple issues related to overdoing it, such as headache, bellyache, moodiness, constipation, and more.

To release each point correctly, apply gentle pressure with your thumb, holding it flat, and moving it slowly in a circular motion for 10 seconds. As you apply the pressure, slowly breathe in through your nose (saying “peace,” either out loud or to yourself) and then breathe out through your mouth (saying “calm”). Repeat the full cycle 3 to 5 times, or until you can feel less resistance, noticing that the muscle isn’t as tight and your thumb can go deeper.

So before you reach for that ibuprofen to mask your pain, try these three points to help your body heal itself. You can try these points even if you haven’t imbibed – they’ll help you feel free and loose, without any mind-altering substances! (Learn dozens of other self-healing trigger points in my book, The Body Doesn’t Lie.)

Liver 3
How it helps: This point is perfect for hangovers as it relieves headache, thirst, moodiness, irritability and dream-disturbed sleep. But liver 3 also helps when you’re feeling angry, anywhere from slightly grouchy to redline ballistic.

How to do it: Sit on a chair and bend your knees to your chest. Use your right thumb for your left foot, and vice versa. You can also do this in bed if you wake up in the middle of the night. Apply firm pressure between the first (i.e., big) and second toes. Now count six fingers flat from the top of the nail of your big toe and apply pressure there.

Gallbladder 21
How it helps: This point targets the gallbladder, which Chinese medicine says helps control our judgment and gives us courage. I’ve found it helps to relieve neck and shoulder pain due to strain or fear, and helps ease the sense of being overwhelmed or overloaded.

How to do it: Apply gentle pressure to the point halfway between the tip of your shoulder and your neck crease. If possible, have a friend or loved one do this for you, then do it for him/her, so you can feel total release.

Large Intestine 4
How it helps: One of the most versatile and easy-to-execute trigger points, large intestine 4 helps with headache, hangover, moodiness, and constipation. If you’re feeling skeptical about the power of this method, this may be your “gateway” trigger point – you will feel instant headache relief.

How to do it: Rest your hand with your fingers extended. Release left large intestine 4 with your right thumb in circular movements, going deeper as you feel the release. Switch to your left thumb for your right hand. If you do this often, you will start to notice how the tension in this area varies depending on your stress level.


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