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7 Stunning Yoga Mats To Amp Up Your Asana
Sapphire Deco Magic Carpet Yoga Mat

If F. Scott Fitzgerald had been a yogi (which he very well might have been), then this beauty by Magic Carpet Yoga Mats is where he would have let his creative genius flow. Adorned with founder Sophie Leininger's hand-painted art deco design, this phthalate-free, non-toxic mat, sustainably printed mat is one of our favorite Fall finds.



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While we’re not ones to sacrifice high function for high fashion, we’d be liars if we said we’re not suckers for stellar design. Where better to reap the soul-soothing benefits of aesthetic harmony than on your yoga mat!

We’re all about the bright, bold wave of yogawear cropping up in classes across the country, so it seems only natural that the trend would eventually make its way down onto our mats. Feast your eyes on these seven oh-so-gorgeous yoga mats that are sure to fill every vinyasa with delight…

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