crudite dip

We love finding weird little wellness-y ingredients that instantly elevate the basic to the better-for-you. This veggie dip recipe from CAP Beauty is made with a fermented miso condiment that is loaded with mind and body-benefitting probiotics (learn about that here!). Whirl it in a blender with some tahini, avocado and coconut meat and we’ve got ourselves a new multi-purpose edible obsession.

As the holidays approach, we’re constantly looking for alternatives to the typical spread. We like to lay out this farmer’s market platter of gorgeous organic vegetables with a probiotic, cleansing dip. It’s the ultimate way to share the power of health.

The main ingredient, Sea Clear, made of fermented kelp and chlorella in a miso base, is an updated take on a traditional dip and one of our favorite ways to introduce the deliciousness of probiotics to our friends!

Veggie Platter with Probiotic Crudité Dip


various veggies for the platter

For the dip:
1/4 cup Sea Clear
1/4 water
Optional: tahini, lemon juice, avocado, young coconut meat


Arrange your vegetables on a platter. Blend Sea Clear with water until desired consistency is reached. You can add in tahini or lemon juice if you’d like. We like to throw in avocado or young coconut meat for an exotic version. Feel free to play around, this dip lends itself to invention.

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