how to use cbd products

CBD is making its way into every corner of the wellness world, and we’ve fallen hard for this healing plant product.

While heavier research is still emerging, we know that CBD — a non-psychoactive chemical constituent of cannabis — interacts with our bodies through an innate network of cannabinoid receptors (as in, our bodies are born to benefit from this plant). Helping to heal everything from chronic pain to anxiety and so much more, we can’t find a single reason not to welcome it into our daily routines. Like, for life. Learn more here.

From tonics and tinctures to supplements and skincare, CBD products are popping up in some pretty awesome, unexpected and well-packaged ways. Learn how to use CBD with our fave products of the moment…

Vybes CBD Drink | Not sure how to use CBD? Grab one of these locally-made CBD drinks from the shelves of Erewhon or Earthbar.These light, refreshing bevs are loaded with high-quality CBD and packaged like a perfectly-wellness-millennial present. We’ve never seen something so “LA” and we’re all about it. CHECK OUT

CBD Avocado Honey |  Honey heals — learn about it — so we can only expect great things from a hemp-infused opespeciallyically one that comes in such a cute jar). This California-sourced avocado honey is infused with CBD, and is a perfect compliment to coffee or tea, avo toast, or simply by the spoonful. CHECK OUT
Kana K-Beauty CBD Sleep Mask | California-based Korean beauty co, Kana is tapping into the beautifying powers of anti-inflammatory CBD with this overnight mask. Made with 28 active botanicals in small-batches, slather some of this on before bed and get glowing by the AM. CHECK OUT
Body Vibes Flower Power Stickers | Programmed with bio-frequencies from the hemp plant, stick one of these cutting-edge patches onto your bod and get ready to soften into a sense of bliss and ease — without any intoxicating. Learn about the crazy-cool technology behind these stickers here.   CHECK OUT
CAP Beauty The Daily Hit | The signature CBD oil from green beauty paradise, CAP Beauty, is built to pack a punch. Loaded up with mind-body loving adaptogens, this health elevating oil blend is perfect for dropping into smoothies, salad dressings or literally any other food thing you enjoy during your day.
Sagely Roller Ball | If you want to know about how to use CBD but you’re not ready to ingest it, try it topically to explore the benefits. Packed with full-spectrum CBD, and peppermint, rosemary, and eucalyptus essential oils, rolls on smooth and provides instant relief from headaches. CHECK OUT

Foria CBD Lube | This intimate massage oil for women is formulated with full-spectrum hemp oil, botanical and aromatic oils to enhance tactile sensation and pleasure while decreasing tension and a unique ability to pull you into the present moment.

Ojai Organics CBD Drops | Drop some into your latte, your water, your whatever else to infuse the benefits of CBD into your daily routine. CHECK OUT


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