trendy ear piercings acupuncture points

Is it just us or is everyone is getting pierced these days? While a few well-styled studs might add a level of delicate edginess to your look, does that constellation of cute jewelry come with energetic consequences?

The Science On Piercings + Acupuncture

We are huge proponents of acupuncture and have experienced the potent influence of a strategic pin poke first hand.

The ear alone harbors around 300 acupressure points that are all connected to an organ or specific emotional expression.

That means most piercings are located in places that correlate to acupuncture points on the body’s meridians of energy.

Much like the foot in reflexology, some acupuncturists use the ear as a roadmap for the rest of the body and activate these points to remedy specific imbalances throughout the body.

Of course, in the context of acupuncture, these points are only stimulated for a short period of time and then the needle is removed to allow energy to flow freely in the ‘corrected’ direction. But what happens when we lodge a piece of gold or other metal in the same point every day?

What the Heck is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy, also known as ear acupuncture, is integrative medical practice used to treat or diagnose health conditions throughout the body. The therapies involved include acupuncture needles, ear reflexology, ear seeding (read more here), and even electrical stimulation of the surface of ear reflex points.

We first explored this topic with leading acupuncturist, Mona Dan of Vie Healing — check out the story here. What we learned is that there is a fascinating connection between trendy ear piercings and mind-body wellbeing. Based on the principles of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, we’re examining how the ear can be seen as a tiny map for the whole body, and how piercings could hurt or help on a variety of issues…

trendy ear piercings acupuncture points

Above: Common Piercing Names + Acupuncture Pressure Points

Powerful Placements. According to Mona Dan, “there are some piercers who have been permanently piercing acupuncture points for stress relief, digestion, insomnia and more. They’ve made it a niche part of their practice to use the different acupuncture points to give constant stimulation in the areas. One common point that is popular to pierce is the Daith ear piercing, said to help treat migraines. Some who suffer swear by the piercing, but again, might be dealing as an excessive body type with heightened energy — they need the relief, but over time it will be draining for the area.”

Some piercing studios have noted auriculotherapy as the inspiration for clients’ interest in piercing as ‘therapy’. Although most pierce simply for aesthetic purposes, some studios have pierced clients whose ears have been marked for piercing specifically by their personal acupuncturists, even noting that one client’s conch piercing was reported to help reduce their chronic pain.

Metal Matters. Metal affects the energy flow of your body, especially if it is located near a meridian. Mona mentioned that “in Chinese medicine, we believe when areas of the ear are pierced it can be draining for the body, as the area is constantly stimulated. This can cause a few things to happen: scar tissue build-up, which impairs blood flow and the earring hole, which is completely draining.” What’s the good news? “Using gold and silver as an earring can preserve your energy.” While gold is typically activating, silver tends to have more of a sedative or draining effect.

Pick Your Points. If you’re curious about the correlation between your piercings and their acupuncture points, here’s a place to start. If you’re thinking of getting pierced, you may want to consider the potential connection between your piercing and their related acucpuncture pressure points:

Lower Lobe – Anxiety

Mid Lobe – Eyesight

Upper Lobe – Depression

Flat – Stress Eating

Rook – Stress

Helix – Insomnia

Daith – Migraines 

Conch – Chronic Pain

Tragus – Sugar Cravings

Industrial – Allergies

What’s The Verdict? Many in-the-know acupuncture pros like Mona say trendy ear piercings could create a natural energetic draining point, but others argue that the body becomes desensitized to the shift in energy over time or that the body finds a way to flow around it. We can’t deny the logic that piercing a point that is known for its ability to stimulate a specific biomechanic response could have a direct effect on the mind and body, but thus far there are no studies to confirm the connection. It’s important to remember that everyone is different — depending on your body’s unique needs, results can vary. For some, a perfectly placed piercing could be a wellness gamechanger, for others, it could cause a subtle shift in energy that proves to be more disruptive than complementary. Pick your piercings wisely…

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