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We’re deep in it now. The peak of summer may have come and gone, but August is a month to get lost in.

There’s something about melting into a month of long warm days, knowing that September and all it’s excitement comes right on it’s heels. Before falling into the new season and all that’s next,  we’re taking extra time to luxuriate in these final weeks of pure summer mood.

Here’s what that looks like to us…

Going Off The Grid. Sometimes just lifting our eyes from our phone for a fiver feels as close to ‘off the grid’ as we’ll get for the day. Take things a bit further and consider taking one day off a week this month: no email, social media or any digital media if you can stand it. Another strategy? Use the Antisocial app that measures just how much time you spend on your phone every day. It might give you the jolt you need to alter some habits.

Note the change in your pace as you go throughout a digital-free day. Notice the thoughts and emotions that come up — have you been crowding them out with too much noise? Might be time to break out that journal.

Cant Stop Making Crudite. Topping the list of raw ingredients we’re inhaling at home lately include summer-harvested artichokes, strawberries, lettuces, snap beans, zucchini, blueberries, figs and lemons. There’s little more contemplative in the kitchen than constructing a board full of fruits, veggies, cheese and every possible condiment. Taking the time to collect the perfect ingredients and linger over them as long as possible is what summer is all about. Here’s how to find a farmer’s market near you — make a whole morning of it.

Finding space. Maybe August is your month to holiday. If so, be sure to plan a little quiet into your trip and give yourself a true shot at that deeply restful vacation glow. While at home, consider the very non-commercial, not so sexy fitness trend we like to call “running”.  A good run boosts seratonin, fights depression with beta endorphins, costs nothing, and planning time involved comes out to zilch. Make it a group activity, if you must, otherwise embrace the independence and white space of a solo sweat fest. Whether at home or away, we recommend scheduling as much quiet time as possible to rejuvenate your being for the fall and all it brings.

Hit The Dirt. When is the last time your bare feet hit the bare ground? Hopefully, you’re reading this toes in sand as we speak. If not, make dates to get lost outdoors.
Whether your version of a garden is as minimal as this tote-planted tree (a new The Shop addition) or you’re #blessed enough to call a garden like this one home, prioritize the green stuff around you and enjoy a little plant therapy. We’ve added a few plant-based activities to the Summer Shop: a Japanese flower frog for flower arranging bliss and a market tote that makes foraging or gardening majorly stylish. My favorite inspo: Eat Like A Farmer | How To Serve Your Farm Market Haul | On Salt Water Farm | On The Farm with Tata Harper

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