Linda KooperSmith is the Beverly Hills Organizer. Styling some of the most beautiful homes across LA, Linda has seen it all and shares some of her best inside tips with us from home offices to walk-in closets. In this video, Linda shares her secrets for turning extra bedrooms into dreamy boudoirs!

Linda: “Converting second bedrooms or guest rooms into walk-in closets is the latest trend in closet design. I prefer to call the glamorous new spaces wardrobes or dressing rooms. The onset of this newest craze began with the downsizing of homes, and the commingling of two households for nesters.

It isn’t feasible anymore to keep a guest room available for infrequent visitors when the space is a commodity. More people are collecting vintage clothing and need a proper space to see it and enjoy it. Wardrobes in general are growing, and the pieces are an investment. The wardrobe/dressing room gives people freedom from having to run to several closets all over their home to find what they are looking for. It creates convenience, peace of mind and gives the added bonus of bringing the shopping experience into your own home. Turn your spare room into your very own boutique!”

Visit Linda’s site here to learn more.

(Video credit: Chase Koopersmith)

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