12 Supplements That Support Good Digestion + Great Sleep While You Travel

One of the best parts of travel is the opportunity to strip down our routines and re-discover what actually makes an impact on our sense of well-being. While we’ve often been tempted to check an extra bag just for our weird wellness powders and supplements, there are just a few key travel supplements we need that help us feel well while we travel.

Don’t want to lug around a bunch of lemons to make your morning tonic? Pack up a tiny bottle of lemon essential oil instead. Can’t sleep in a hotel room? Pack some magnesium. And if digestion issues are a frequent travel issue for you, be sure to pack your probiotics.

Here are our 13 favorite supplements for travel, including a few insights we’ve picked up from well-traveled pros over the years. Bookmark this list and check back before your next adventure…

chlorella tablets | This detox aide is a powerful way to stay balanced while traveling. Feeling puffy after a long flight? Loading up on chlorophyll-rich chlorella tabs to help you feel like yourself again. Chlorophyll can actually increase the quantity and quality of red blood cells in your body. It’s even been known to be used in hospital IVs for pain and swelling! CHECK OUT

magnesium powder packets | Magnesium is a powerful solution for sleep, mental and physical relaxation and even digestion. Portioned out packs like these are easy to toss into any travel bag and take at night in a bit of warm water while you wind down. CHECK OUT

daily probiotics | Digestion issues are among the most common (and most uncomfortable) challenges that even seasoned travelers face. Between changing elevations, disrupted schedules, exotic foods and changes in time zones, supporting your body’s ability to digest well could make all the difference to the quality of your trip. Taking a daily probiotic can help restore equilibrium in your gut microbiome. It will also keep your overall health and immunity in check. CHECK OUT

Lemon essential oil | Did you know you can add a few drops of lemon essential oil to hot water for the same benefits as fresh lemon water? We love this genius hack for when we’re on the go. Keep a bottle of the oil in your bag and ask for a cup of hot water anywhere. Note: the essential oil must be therapeutic grade, suitable for consumption and should not exceed a few drops per day. Stay tuned for a more in-depth piece on consuming essential oils safely soon. CHECK OUT

Chia seeds pack | Protein, fat and fiber, baby! If you don’t want to lug around a whole pantry of superfoods, pick a potent one like chia and add it to everything. Chia seeds can be sprinkled over a salad or simply swirled into water. CHECK OUT

charcoal tabs | If you ate something weird or got a little too enthusiastic about the cool selection of cocktails by the pool, charcoal will help to absorb what doesn’t belong in your system and could just save your day. Take one to two capsules with a huge glass of water before a big night out. Forgot? Pop them in the morning to soak up any toxins that have you feeling off. While it’s important to use charcoal in moderation (taking it too often can absorb good stuff in your body too), it can be a lifesaver on the go. CHECK OUT

Vitamin C Tablets | We love 8Greens for a daily dose of immunity-boosting vitamin C while traveling. Made with natural ingredients and — as the name suggests — a generous serving of the vitamins and minerals we get from greens, its the perfect way to kick off your morning. Simply slip a fizzy tablet into your water bottle and go. CHECK OUT

glutathione | Glutathione fights free radicals like nobody’s business. Whether your liver needs some support while you’re in ‘vacation mode’ or your immunity needs a little extra love for those long days and nights, glutathione can support your body’s natural detoxification pathways and keep your immunity strong. Some pros recommend taking up to four capsules of glutathione per day to help aid your liver. CHECK OUT

GABA | This mood-boosting supplement promotes relaxation by quelling overstimulated nerve cells. We like GABA as a solution for travel anxiety or weird jetlagged sleep patterns. CHECK OUT

Melatonin | This essential sleep supplement helps to synchronize our circadian rhythm so we are alert during the day and at rest during the night. Use a small dose of melatonin to support your body’s sleep cycles when you’re traveling in a new time zone. CHECK OUT

5-HTP | Getting deep, restful sleep is essential for being able to enjoy your trip. This supplement helps to create the “feel good” hormone, serotonin, which could help to stabilize your mood while dealing with the drama of travel. Serotonin is also great for inducing sleep. Note: this supplement should be avoided by those on mood-enhancing drugs like anti-depressants. CHECK OUT

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  1. Very inappropriate to suggest consumption of essential oils. You may want to check with an aromatherapist on how dangerous this can be. It is not at all the same as using a juice from a lemon.

  2. Read the description of the Majestic Pure Lemon Essential Oil on its Amazon page: “Safety Warning: For external use only.” How can you recommend someone put this in warm water and drink it?

    Carolyn | 07.18.2019 | Reply
  3. UGH. Yet another misinformed person suggesting ingesting essential oil. PLEASE do not recommend this, as essential oils are the most concentrated and volatile components of the plant and can cause burning, digestions problems, rashes, and even death when ingested. Do your research and don’t listen to pyramid scheme companies (DoTerra, Young Living) who suggest dangerous ways of using essential oils.

    Binyamina | 07.19.2019 | Reply

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