In Our Travel Kit: 9 Cool Wellness + Immunity Essentials

No matter where our travels may take us this holiday season, our wellness routines don’t have to be left behind. Neither does our immunity. Between the congested airports, cold weather, and heavy foods, we rely on these remedies, supplements, and go-to fixes more than ever when we’re out of our own beds and out on the road.

Whether they boost our immunity, sooth our nerves, ease digestion, or simply enhance our overall sense of well-being, these essentials are always in our travel wellness kits and we take them with us wherever we go. Stock up and hit the road!

Four Sigma Instant Chaga 

The boys of Four Sigma are up to some wonderful things, making medicinal, immune boosting mushrooms, like this chaga blend, delicious and easy to add to your daily coffee or tea. This potent shroom blend is combined with siberian ginseng, mint and rose hips resulting in a bacteria and virus busting, inflammation reducing, and immune boosting tonic we crave!


Allnice Mini Air Purifier 

Perfectly portable, this mini air purifier promises to moisten and sanitize the air around you. With a clean modern design that you want on your bedside, add a drop or two of your favorite purifying essential oils to enhance effectiveness.  


doTerra Essential Oil Travel Set

Essential oils can be an effective and easy solution for a variety of health complaints from simple headaches to colds and stomach aches. Be sure to source from a reputable company you trust – quality makes all the difference! We’re loving this travel set from doTerra! 


Enzymedica Digestive Enzymes

Digest those heavy meals and harder to digest ingredients with ease and get the most benefit from the foods we eat by taking digestive enzymes before meals. 


Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment

This roll-on essential oil treatment will help transport you back to a state of calm. Not only does it smell simply divine, the 10 active ingredients in this blend soothe nerves and ease anxiety so you can keep your calm even when you’re spending the holidays with your all your extended family.


The Beauty Chef: Glow Probiotics 

Health starts in the gut! Keep your immunity high, skin glowing and your digestion regular with this potent probiotic mix by The Beauty Chef, incorporating alkalizing foods, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, prebiotics and probiotics! 


Cellfood Drops

Ward off free radical scavengers and prevent cellular damage by neutralizing free radicals. Cellfood contains a wide variety of ionic minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and electrolytes, it works throughout the body to cleanse, tone and build cells. Balance the body’s pH and improve health through every sip. 


Healthy Health Wild Oregano Oil

This is a must have for pretty much every seasonal complaint out there. Oil of oregano is one of the most potent antimicrobials around. During cold and flu season we absolutely depend on it to keep immunity consistently high! Be sure to check out 9 reasons you should be using oil of oregano daily here


Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters

We turn to Urban Moonshine’s digestive bitters when our sugar cravings strike. Curb cravings, soothe digestion, improve healthy liver function and promote clear skin. This adorable travel size is perfect to throw in your purse on the go!


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