Fly Right: 10 Travel Beauty Tips From A Celeb Facialist

First class or coach, it doesn’t matter: airplanes have this way of wreaking havoc on our skin just when we need it be on its best behavior. Kat Rudu, one of our fave L.A. facialists told us she had all the deets on the topic and we’re taking her expert advice.

Kat counts beauties like Kate Beckinsdale and other A-list faces as clients – so we know this Kate Moss doppelganger knows what she’s talking about. From her face cream of choice to her tricks to staying hydrated, take note of all her go-to travel tips and bookmark this list for your next vacation!

Celeb Facialist Kat Rudu’s 10 Travel Beauty Tips

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

While in transit, hydration is key. Drink as much water as you can. I always travel with my rose hyaluronic acid mist (coming this year!), a light eye cover, a nourishing face cream and natural lip remedy to keep skin hydrated as well. While on a long flight abroad, I consistently refresh my skin every hour or so by splashing it with fresh bottled water and then replenishing moisture and nutrients with my rose mist and eye cream. I also suggest using a vitamin C serum (KÁT Rudu Hydra Cell Vitamin C Serum) as the antioxidants ward off free radicals and help to maintain PH balance.

Detox And De-Germ

Airplane seats are full of germs that can cause breakouts. I always bring a clean, light throw in a natural material, such as cashmere or organic cotton, to cover my seat. Beforehand, I spray the seat with colloidal silver for its antimicrobial effects. Vitamin C capsules are excellent for boosting immunity, which is often taxed while traveling.

Get Glowing

Any type of travel is stressful and therefore can make you look lackluster or drained. I always make sure to bring my favorite eyeliner and tanning cream to add a bit of color and glow to my face before I deplane (NARS bronzer in Laguna is a favorite, as well as Mineral Fusion concealer and bronzer for a more natural option).

BYO Snacks

Pack healthy, nourishing snacks. I love to bring organic nuts for a good dose of protein.

Take Chlorophyll

Consider taking a chlorophyll concentrate, such as ChlorOxygen, to increase oxygenation and build red blood cells.

Relax With Entertainment

Relax with good music and a favorite book or several international magazines. I love stocking up on European magazines, such as Vogue UK, when I can. And I am captivated by The ONE Thing by Gary Keller right now.

Simplify Your Luggage

I always try to carry on my bag. Therefore, I simplify and compact most of my beauty products by transferring them into cute, BPA-free plastic bottles.

Exfoliate Upon Arrival

Upon arrival to my destination, I always lightly exfoliate my face with a natural, gentle scrub (KÁT Rudu Moroccan Green Tea Mint Face Scrub) to rid the skin of impurities and oil that build up on the flight.

Protect Your Skin

It’s important to enjoy yourself on vacation while always taking care of your skin. I keep my skin protected from the elements, truly wherever I am, with a natural foundation and sunscreen, as well as a compact with sunscreen. Bring a hydrating oil, such as grapeseed oil, to keep skin supple all over (I love to mix this in with my Coco Vanilla Grapefruit Body Butter).

Dress Light

Keep wardrobe items simple. A light wrap and hat are musts to keep your shoulders, chest and face protected. (Remember, if you burn the sensitive skin on your chest, the pigments will never fully recover.) I make sure to bring a light cotton T-shirt for extra protection while hiking or doing anything outdoors. My other essentials include: a great pair of black slacks, one pair of high heels, one pair of ballet flats, one black dress and one long, white or sheer dress for anywhere tropical.

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