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More of us are ditching the studio and staying home to sweat with streaming workouts. But does missing out on the structure and competitive environment of a traditional studio class mean we’re missing out? Are we getting as good of a workout when we stream on our own?

We recently met up with fitness pioneer – and total babe – Tracy Anderson, who has helped shape some of the best bodies in Hollywood with her totally unique, dance-inspired method. Tracy did years of scientific research to perfect her method, and a few years back, launched an online platform to make her workouts more accessible. Her streaming workouts (available here) are just as challenging as they are famed to be here in her LA studios — and she has more online workouts available than almost any program in the world.

We asked Tracy to tell us how to get the most out of a streaming workout and we’re sharing a few reasons that Tracy is such a fan of making time to sweat at home…

3 Reasons To Embrace Streaming Workouts At Home

They are Adaptive |  “We’re all really busy. I’m a mother of a 20-year-old and a 6-year-old, and I’m also the breadwinner of the family. I know what it means to be busy, to have a lot of people demanding your attention. Even if you’re not that, if you’re a young adult that is in school or making your way, the point is we all have a lot on our plates.”

One of the biggest benefits of working out is that it helps reduce stress, but does squeezing in time for a studio session create more stress than it’s taking away? Streaming workouts are available whenever you are, which can make them more enjoyable – never mind more do-able.

they are Efficient | “I think that it’s a really major benefit of the advancement in technology that we don’t have to get in our car, drive, change, workout, socialize with people, shower, get back in the car… it takes up so much of our day. I love the efficiency of home workouts. I’ve made sure to only put out things that actually work at home.”

Streaming workouts make it so you only have to spend time on your workout, not on everything leading up to it. When we’re able to get a great sweat in without stressing over how much time we have to dedicate to it, we’re more likely to keep up with it.

they create unique Communities | “With social media, we can have a community that is global. I recommend that people doing home workouts tap into that resource. I think we need to break more boundaries like that, we need to open up our neighborhoods to the whole world and it really allows you to do that. I have streamers in 50 different countries and so many different languages — but the language of love, the language of movement, the language of health is universal.”

We love the built-in motivation of taking a class surrounded by other people. It turns up the energy in the room and gets us feeling just the right amount of competitive motivation. Streaming workouts remove the crowd, but not the community. We love Tracy’s point about connecting beyond our own neighborhoods!

Do you stream workouts? Have you tried Tracy’s? What are your favorites? 

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