There’s a reason Tracy Anderson has become a lasting phenomenon: Her original technique for sculpting women’s bodies with her high-energy, limb-contorting routines has everything to do with her deeply intentional focus on self-care and obsession with results.

Recently, Tracy collaborated with classical natural beauty brand, Ecco Bella, for a line of highly effective, obsessively clean products that carry her intentional focus on into a whole new dimension of women’s lives. We caught up with Tracy to chat about the beauty project and loved hearing how quickly she fell in love with the products – and their founder. Ecco Bella’s Sally Malanga is as hardcore a wellness warrior as one might expect, and we’re excited to explore each and every product…

On accidentally discovering Ecco Bella: I get sent product quite frequently and it was only because I’d run out of a few favorite beauty products that I used a few things I’d been sent from Ecco Bella when I was in a pinch. Within the hour I was reaching out to the Ecco Bella team to gush about the products and find out how we could work together!

On finding the perfect collab: While I find so many women, including my clients, have an interest in natural beauty, it’s hard to find products that are effective as the L.A. ladies have come to expect.

When I first tried the brand, I used the Age Antidote Day Cream and found my skin looked as diffused and glowy as it had ever looked. The day cream is the best primer and diffuser on the market I’ve ever tried – conventional, natural or otherwise! What’s great is, in talking with EB founder, Sally, all she was after was a highly protective mineral cream – she’s all about the integrity of the formula! I told her I wasn’t sure she understood just what a gem she had on her hands – I’d discovered the skincare product of my dreams.

the connection between fitness and beauty: Using truly natural products that are responsibly and ethically made (not just slapped with the label “natural”) is about becoming your own advocate in this complex world. It’s tempting to grab for quick fixes when it comes to beauty and you can have a new face by lunchtime in this city. But what is truly beautiful and meaningful to you? Using natural products is about taking care of the whole self and showing up for yourself, something that I care a lot about and teach my clients and students constantly. You’ve got to be your own advocate when it comes to non-toxic living.

my Beauty routine in the studio: When I head to the TAMethod studio in the mornings, I throw a few things on my skin. I start with the day cream (my obsession!) and dot most of my face with the concealer. I blend the concealer in with a face brush and follow up with another layer on any spots. I use a little of the bronzer on the tops of my cheeks, curl my lashes and use the mascara with no eyeliner. Mascara is one of the toughest natural products to come by and I like this one. Lastly, I use the lipgloss in Peace and add a touch to the apples of my cheeks too. I know the makeup will wear off after a few sweaty classes, but I like knowing that none of the ingredients are dangerous as they sweat off! The other thing I always keep on hand in studio is the spritzer. I use it all over my face and body between sweats.

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