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What Is It? Petrolatum, also known as petroleum jelly, is used in industry to lubricate machinery – so what is it doing to our bodies? Petrolatum has been used for years to lock in moisture, heal chapped lips, soothe noses raw from sniffles, and protect against diaper rash, as well as to treat cuts and burns. It is an ingredient in one out of every 14 cosmetic products on any given shelf, which includes 15 percent of lipsticks and 40 percent of baby products. So what’s the big deal?

Health Risk: Scarily enough, petroleum byproduct has been found in breast tumors, strongly suggesting it is a breast-cancer-promoting substance. It also suffocates the skin, blocking oxygen absorption and aggravating acne. Petrolatum locks in moisture, yes – but does not allow moisture to be absorbed from the atmosphere. In short, our body gets accustomed to petrolatum’s barrier and slowly become less and less efficient at its own detoxifying and moisturizing processes.

How To Avoid It: Fortunately, in this day and age, many brands have consciously chosen to go petrolatum-free when formulating their products. Companies like Burt’s Bees have a no-petrolatum policy, making their easily accessible line a perfect non-toxic option for makeup and skin products. Dr. Alkaitis delivers when it comes to the most parched of dry skin and nails – their Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil is divine!

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  1. This is exactly why I have never understood the hype over Aquaphor.

    Erica | 07.16.2013 | Reply

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