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What It Is: DMDM hydantonin is the short way of referring to an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative, a compound used to lengthen a product’s shelf life and keep bacteria at bay. Sounds good, right? Think again. Preservatives tend to be bad to begin with (some natural preservatives, including Vitamin E oil, are beneficial), but this one is a definite no-no. Why? One word: formaldehyde.

Health Risk: The formaldehyde found in DMDM hydantonin is a known skin irritant and carcinogen. While this toxin has been approved in restricted percentages, we suggest steering clear – which can be difficult, as it is found in various beauty products from shampoos to facial masks.

How to Avoid It: Check for labels that read “formaldehyde-free.” Beyond that, make sure labels don’t list Glydant (the trade name for this compound) or DMDM hydantoin.

Alternatives To Try: As we’ve learned from experience, the best facial masks are created from natural ingredients! While there are numerous recipes (on TCM and beyond!) for DIY masks made from fridge favorites, sometimes we like to splurge on a store-bought savior to spice things up. These Active Clay Masks from MV Skincare are luxurious, work like a charm, and only contain one ingredient: nutrient-rich milled clay. This all-natural mask smells deliciously earthy, and contributes to a glowing complexion by naturally unclogging pores and nourishing skin. DMDM, it’s time for you to go AWOL.

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